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Thread: * LOCKED* Congrats to the winners of the Great Proof Giveaway!

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    * LOCKED* Congrats to the winners of the Great Proof Giveaway!

    Welcome to the Great Proof Giveaway!

    [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]Welcome to the winners! Louie, Jana, Ryan, and google007![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    IMPORTANT: Do not reply to this post until you've read the rules. You may only reply to this post once. This is very important. That's why I capitalized "important" over there <--

    I have one, possibly two, of the fantastical, uber-amazing, awesomest proof copies you've ever seen. Haven't seen them yet? Check the vid, yo:

    These things are HOT, HOT, HOT! Like this damn summer, hot. It's illegal to sell them, and I figure they're priceless anyway, so I'm giving one or two sets away. Here's all you have to do:

    1. Read WOOL 1-5 (most of you probably already have, right?)
    2. Start a thread introducing yourself here on these forums (you have to sign up first, which is like step 1.5, for those of you who are irrationally picky about such things). Here's the link to the Introduction Forum.
    3. Post in this thread a link to your introduction thread and bit of your thoughts about the series. You can copy/paste your Amazon or Goodreads review if you want. Or you can type something new. Just let me hear it, good bad or indifferent.

    That's it. Three steps (3.5 if you're being picky).

    This will go on for two weeks. I'll be out of town during that time, which works well. Around the end of the month or so, I'll close this thread and call the competition over. At that point, we'll select winners based on a proven and random method: I'll roll dice. Probably some cool D&D dice. I'll do it live on uStream so you can tune in and see if you win. There may be dancing involved. It should be a very good time.

    If you have questions or comments, post them in the discussion thread made specifically for the Proof Giveaway.

    Mod add:
    You can get a signed copy of any of Hugh's other works by going to his main page (, and scroll to below the image that says "BUY ME A COFFEE"--click on the image of any of his books, and it will take you to a page where you can buy a signed copy.

    ADDITIONAL STEP ADDED BY CRANKY MOD: PLEASE DON'T POST SPOILERS! (Unless you've figured out how to use the "spoiler" forum feature.)

    [SIZE=3]IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE ASK! MESSAGE A MOD! (LisaKW, Rockinruby, and tink)[/SIZE]

    7/22 MOD EDIT: Some people were considered disqualified from the contest due to incomplete entries. If anyone had created a separate introduction thread but did not post a link in this thread, we did that for you. But we could not do that for those of you who did not create your own introductions. However, because Hugh is generous, we're reinstating all entries (aside from accidental duplicates). Also, earlier, all mod posts were removed that were not entries, so we should be good to go! GOOD LUCK, ALL!
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    Intro Thread :

    Wool, in a nutshell, is a crazy idea about what this world might come to if all hell broke loose.
    Off course, the premise is based off the idea
    I started reading Wool 1 around October of last year. I was already somewhat behind as Hugh had started writing this series several months before. Can you say hooked?? Well not really, it took me another month to read Wool 2. This wasn't before I got my parents and wife to read the novella. They even surpassed my meager read of just Wool 1.

    The main reason for me not taking the next step into Wool was that I didn't feel right. The book was amazing, btw I will interchange book and novella because the definition is so widely broad. To jump sideways, I had read The Road which was reminded to me as I read Wool. It was a gritty end of the world style feeling that I didn't know if I wanted to continue. It wasn't until I got egged on from family members, as the count had grown from just pushing it to the parents, that I took the plunge. That is when things really picked up and started to look brighter. I zoomed through the remaining available 2 books I had already purchased, as I bought all 3 together. Then, I waited like so many for the continuation. Wool 4 was released while on vacation in Mexico. This did not stop me from charging up the kindle and downloading ASAP. This style of waiting continued until the last installment came. The last book ended in such a way that my wife and I talked, literally, for days about how Hugh could navigate the story further. We also talked about the cause and how things got to the way they were.

    The books are great and I continue to push them to friends. I have gotten interesting comments in return, primarily about the amazing feats that happen in Book 4 and 5. But, I just remind people that most books (in the genre in question) are not built with the idea that a normal (in our train of thought) person could produce the same results. I then preach that this is why we consume ourselves into books with these stories, so that we can do amazing things through our mind as we read. This doesn't normally convince them, but they like the books all the same.

    My hope for this series is that it doesn't dilute itself as popularity builds for the story and author.
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    Would LOVE to have a proof copy, this franchise is bound to be considered a classic!

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    :B I hope I am doing this right...because no one seems to be replying to this thread. But here it goes!

    ^ The link to my introduction thread. Go read it Hugh!

    Wool has been the best thing I have read this year...I honestly mean that. I think it waaaaaay better than The Hunger Games [I enjoyed it and it is a good series, don't get me wrong], Wool just captivated me. I was attached to Jules, and I sincerely hated Bernard. Hugh perfected the art of great endings, each time I finished one of the books I just had to keep on going. He also developed the characters perfectly. I became attached to some of the minor characters he introduced throughout the books. I also read a lot of books [my user name should hint I am a huge Scott Card fan]. Wool is amazing and Hugh is such an awesome guy.

    - Antthony
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    But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is[I] rare [/I]and [I]pure[/I] and [I]perfect[/I].
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    Now I'm wondering what chant as watch you roll the dice so that it will come up with *my* number

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    Here is my intro thread :

    Here is my amazon review:

    WOOL is simply amazing. Each story builds off the last and pulls you deeper and deeper into life in the Silo. Don't read any more reviews. Don't risk spoiling the tremendous plot. If you've found this book, if you've found this review, you're interested enough for me to tell you it is worth every penny and you will enjoy this book. I've recommended it to my wife, best friend, and my parents. I've encouraged non-kindle owners to buy a kindle just so they can read this book [though now I believe its available in print]. Ridley Scott has optioned this book to become movie, does a recommendation come any higher than that?

    Finally, Hugh has said he reads all of these reviews and I just wanted him to know Wool moved me like only a few books/movies ever have. I can't wait for more and I can't wait for more fans to jump on board if for no other reason than selfishly wanting more people with which to discuss what will happen next.

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    Step 1 - Completed at least 3 times now.
    Step 2 - Completed
    Step 3 - Completed

    Just being a part of this forum is probably gushing enough about how much I like WOOL (and everything else Hugh has written). I'm now in the process of reading through the Molly Fyde series and have Half Way Home, The Hurricane and The Plagiarist in my queue after that.

    One thing I did notice, Hugh... you need to update your profile on Amazon. It still says you live in Boone. We all know you now have a nice spacepod/floating mining station on Jupiter now.
    [url=]Read & become a fan.[/url]

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    Smile Gertie hearts Wool.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh Howey View Post
    Welcome to the Great Proof Giveaway!

    Gertie here. I introduced myself over here at the introduction folder, no doubt providing more than enough useless information. But seriously, I do hate cilantro.

    Anywayz, I love Wool. Not such a huge fan of wool. That capital letter makes all the difference! I found out about Wool 1 through some random post on Goodreads. (Review:

    Since I am part of a group there that is always on the lookout for good post-apocalyptic books and stories, I shared it with them. We ended up doing a group read of it, and of course everyone loved it. Here is the discussion if anyone is interested. Many of us of course ended up reading the whole series. :-P

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with Wool in it's alternate incarnations, something for the screen.

    (I've also read Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue, and Half Way Home. Both are good, if any of you folks reading this haven't checked them out already.)

    - Gertie (Hydroponics)

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    Of course I'm signing up!

    Here's my intro:

    What I said on Amazon:

    I purchased Wool Omnibus solely based on the book's intriguing description and countless fantastic reviews on Amazon. After finishing the book a day ago, I am now adding one more 5-star review for this phenomenal series. Brilliantly written, dramatically paced, and thoroughly engrossing. Couldn't read it fast enough.

    I'm now anxious to get to Book 6 and probably the rest of this relatively unknown (not for long!) author's growing library. According to Mr. Howey's website, the Wool series will go to at least Book 9. I'm greatly looking forward to this future...

    What I'm saying now:

    I have finished Book 6 and am still utterly captivated. Mr. Howey, you have a gift with prose. Every sentence is carefully, even perfectly, structured and packed with meaning. Your technique breathes life into the world and the characters that you have created. The whole feels incredibly real. And furthermore, I'm enamored that you still have tricks up your sleeve and are still expanding upon this story with momentum! To think that you singularly started with WOOL, already thick with visual description, emotional richness, and sociopolitical context, and then you later constructed this elaborate history which takes it completely to another level--it blows my mind. I have finished Book 6, and as I have mentioned in other forums, I am not quite sure where to go from here. All I want to do is read it all over again.

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    Here is the link to my into post:

    I was introduced to Wool because my wife read the series first, and insisted that I read them too, and boy, am I glad that she did! I was impressed by the word of the silos, and how real it felt. Howey's imagery and turns of phrase were breathtaking in places. On more than one occasion I would read a sentence aloud and say to my wife, "It's like music on the page," and she would say, "I know!" The characters felt very real, and the twists and turns had me reading late into the night. When I finished the series, I went through immediate book withdrawals. I am so glad to see that the world will live on in further installments.

    I have gone on to read other works by Howey, including Half Way Home, and The Plagiarist. I just started The Hurricane, and the Moly Fyde series is next on my to read list. I can't wait.

    Okay, guess that's enough to enter the competition. Good luck to me! And thanks, Hugh, for being so generous.

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