• New Book Release!

    I’m over the moon to announce this one. After the amazing reception Elinor and I received for our post-card-apocalyptic THE BALLOON HUNTER, we immediately set to work on a sequel. Today it went live on Amazon! We present to you: DEATH TO ANYONE WHO READS THIS These books have been a blast to put together.… Read more

  • Meet Wanda Jane Rainer: Monster Tamer!

    Meet Wanda Jane Rainer: Monster Tamer!

    I’m so excited to announce this book. It’s one of two new picture books created with the absolutely brilliant Maine Diaz, whose art I love and adore. The idea for the book and script came from Matt Mikalatos, my great friend and screenwriting partner. Check out the product page on Amazon here. It’s on Kindle… Read more

  • Creativity and Consciousness

    I’ve written about consciousness many times on this blog, and I’ve published a work on my theory of consciousness if you’re interested in diving even deeper (free on Kindle Unlimited, very cheap otherwise). I’ve also written extensively on my creative process. And I’ve published works about AI in places like Wired well before today’s AI… Read more

  • AI Training Permission

    A comment on my previous post about not using AI in my stories — and using the copyright page to make this explicit — is worth responding to in its own post, because I think it raises important issues. The comment comes from Pat, who says: I would think a better use of the Copyright… Read more

  • AI and the Copyright Page

    For many years, the copyright page has served niche functions for a very niche audience. Basically, a copyright page is there for 8 reasons that hardly anyone cares about: 1) To assure your ex that the character who resembles them in every single detail is due to a series of very unlikely coincidences. 2) To… Read more

  • San Diego Comic Con

    San Diego Comic Con

    Shay and I went to San Diego last week and had an absolute blast with roughly 180,000 of our closest friends. There was epic cosplay everywhere you looked, perfect weather, the chillest vibes, and nothing but happy people. We played games (Shay trounced me at Street Fighter, winning every single round), bought books and comics,… Read more

  • SDCC Panel Times

    SDCC Panel Times

    If you want to find me at San Diego Comic Con, here are the two panels I’m on and my two signing times: Friday at 6pm in Room 11: How to use Hypnotic Language for Dynamic Storytelling Friday 8pm in Room 23ABC: Ghostwriting: Spirits of Vengeance in Literature Thursday 2:30-7pm at AA23: Signing Whatever You… Read more

  • Fan-Made Silo in Unreal Engine

    Incredible work by Eekseye over on YouTube. As a fan of the show, they decided to recreate the ENTIRE SILO in Blender and Unreal Engine. By the end of the video, you’ll see them running around in the silo. Feels like a good start to a great video game to me… :) Read more

  • Questions and Answers

    Questions and Answers

    A book club sent some questions about WOOL. Thought I’d share those and the answers. Some spoilers here, so beware. When I wrote my first book, “Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue,” it ended a 20-year dream of mine to create a novel that was all my own. I’d dreamed of being a writer since… Read more

  • SDCC Signing Times

    I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con this year! It’s my first con in ages, and a rare chance to get things signed if you’re there. Or just stop by and say hello. Two signing blocks set up: Thursday at location AA23 from 02:30 PM – 07:00 PMFriday at location AA10 from 04:30 PM –… Read more

  • A Year in Review

    A Year in Review

    One year ago today I woke up in a hotel room in Svalbard, Norway. I was sleeping on half of a king-size bed made from pushing two twin beds together. On the other side of the bed was the most magical woman I’d ever met. We were just friends, sharing a bed for the first… Read more

  • Free Silo Pilot!

    Never seen this before. An entire episode of prestige drama for free, streaming right on Twitter. Apple is pulling out all the stops in support of this show. Plenty of time to start binging before the finale drops in 24 hours! Read more


Humanity clings to survival in the Silo, a subterranean city extending one hundred forty-four stories beneath the surface. The series initially follows the character of Holston, the sheriff of the Silo, with subsequent volumes focusing on the characters of Juliette, Jahns, and Marnes. An ongoing storyline of the series is the focus on the mystery behind the Silo and the secrets it holds.

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