Hugh Howey

  • SDCC Signing Times

    I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con this year! It’s my first con in ages, and a rare chance to get things signed if you’re there. Or just stop by and say hello. Two signing blocks set up: Thursday at location AA23 from 02:30 PM – 07:00 PMFriday at location AA10 from 04:30 PM –… Continue reading

  • A Year in Review

    A Year in Review

    One year ago today I woke up in a hotel room in Svalbard, Norway. I was sleeping on half of a king-size bed made from pushing two twin beds together. On the other side of the bed was the most magical woman I’d ever met. We were just friends, sharing a bed for the first… Continue reading

  • Free Silo Pilot!

    Never seen this before. An entire episode of prestige drama for free, streaming right on Twitter. Apple is pulling out all the stops in support of this show. Plenty of time to start binging before the finale drops in 24 hours! Continue reading

  • The Balloon Hunter

    The Balloon Hunter

    It’s been a while since I announced a new story, and this is one I’m super proud of. THE BALLOON HUNTER marks my first time writing with another author, in this case the incredibly talented Elinor Taylor. I fell in love with Elinor’s flash fiction on Twitter and reached out to let her know what… Continue reading

  • Monopolies and Bicycles

    When you think of New York City, a host of images often comes to mind: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the billboards of Times Square, and probably somewhere in that collage you’ll see the iconic yellow taxi. When I first lived in New York over twenty years ago, the streets ran with… Continue reading