Hugh Howey

Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Check it, yo!

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Congrats! Another great book for me to read soon. I’m looking forward to it. You made my day for sure!! Can we pre order it Hugh?

Pre-orders will go up as we get closer. I’m weighing not doing a print copy of Second and Third shift and just doing them all together. I feel like people are buying too many versions of the same book! ;)

Yeah, that’s bad for business eh!? lol

Seriously though, how are you so prolific? Do you already have most of third shift already written?? I’ve been busting my butt trying to finish a rough draft for the past 6 months lol. We could all learn a thing or two from you, Hugh

I’d also love to learn how you can get these books out so quickly. Takes me forever to write one page before I’m happy with it. I guess it’s like asking an athlete how he or she performs so well.

Do you mean Second Shift won’t be published until you’ve finished Third Shift, and then it’ll be one book? Or do you mean Second Shift will be an ebook only? Either way would be sad! Sad to have to wait, and disappointing because I can only read print (ebooks are just too much for my vision).

Not to worry, I believe Hugh was only kidding.

Hugh – Has the cover art already been completed? Interested to to see that as well!! Can’t wait for the book!

Do a print version of each book, then combine the ‘shifts’ into another omnibus. Let the collectors collect. You’re not forcing people to buy extra versions of your books. Youre just making it hard not too!!

Sooo excited. Commencing re-read.

You can’t see me wringing my hands together and laughing maniacally, right?

I am heavily vested in this…so many of my own suppositions await to be proven or disproven. Even if I have miraculously guessed what is going on, it doesn’t mean I really have any idea of what’s going to happen. Wow good job, self, you made no sense again.

First Shift was your fav of the Silo series? Hmmmm. Definitely a good read and more packed with character interaction and development… The time jumping was also different from Wool (which was more linear). It also must’ve taken more intelligence to tie together to conform with WOOL and for future episodes. But WOOL still stands alone for pacing and readability. Oh well.. just my opinion. CAn”t wait to read the new one. You’re the BEST!

How long does it take for you to go from a finshed rought draft to a ebook? I would think it would take a little while to proof. Are we looking at seeing it on amazon before dec?

YAY! Fantastic! Awesome news. First Shift is also my favorite. Well, until now =) Happy to know we’re less than a month from Second Shift! Congrats, Hugh!

This series is my all time favorite ! Can’t wait to read second shift! Congratulations from your biggest fan in Iceland.

Hugh, thanks for sharing your unique Wool world with us. I’m anticipating part 7 so much. In the meantime I’ve read three of your other singles on my Kindle Paperwhite. Have a great week!

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