• G. L. A. N. C. E. D.

    Glanced. I swear that’s how you spell it. Past tense of “glance.” Just add a “d.” Right? I’ve been looking at the word so long I’m starting to doubt myself. Glanced. It’s becoming meaningless. Glanced. I didn’t even know what else to try. It’s such a simple word. My brain wrestled with the perfection of… Continue reading

  • Great Expectations

    I’m clacking up another hill in this giant rollercoaster ride. Every word edited like another link in the chain dragging me higher. The potential energy building. What’s over the rise? I don’t know. And it isn’t that I’m expecting great things, as in massive, I’m just having wonderful expectations. Friends and family are excited for… Continue reading

  • A Thread of Hope

    Getting published is a wild ordeal. Let’s forget, for just a moment, the wacky adventure that writing a book can be… once you’re done with that, you’ll find yourself at the beginning of a path, not at the end. And where you want to go is over the horizon and out of sight. What you… Continue reading

  • The cosmic unfairness of it all

    So, James Frey, the guy who lied to millions of Oprah viewers in order to sell his fiction as if it were real, is preparing to write teen science fiction. And of course, since he’s already famous for being a big fat liar, the movie deal is already signed. Meaning the guy is going to… Continue reading

  • Picking Nits.

    Before any of you worry that my obsession with the cover is detracting from my real job, allow me to mollify you somewhat: I’m mostly doing the design stuff in my off-hours (as if I ever take an hour off). And this is when ideas for other short stories percolate to the surface and I… Continue reading