Wool hit #1 in the entire Kindle Store. Thank you so much to everyone for spreading the word about this series.

6 responses to “Unbelievable.”

  1. Congrats! Way to go! I’ve been telling everyone i know about the book.

  2. That’s what friends are for! : )

  3. Completely awesome, Hugh! Congratulations.

  4. Awesomeee, man, you deserve.
    The good thing is that a lot of those readers will also check out your other work, so it’s a sweet-a-licious cumulative
    effect !

  5. Read the whole Wool series and just finished First Shift Legacy and am dying for more. Your work is great and I hope you’ll continue on those stories. You’ve definetely got a new fan.

  6. Fantastic story. I recommended it to my FB friends.

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