What to write next?

Last time I put a call out for a vote, NaNoWriMo 2010 was around the corner. THE HURRICANE (A coming-of-digital-age story) won the votes, and that’s what I wrote. Well, now it’s wrapped up and I’m looking for votes on what to write next.

The options:

1. INVARIABLE – A work of fiction about a young girl raised by her psychologist dad who uses her and her sister (Constance) for his research.

2. BRAVO CHARLIE – In the human year of 5820, with all life on Earth extinct and in its place a mechanical, robotic civilization, a lone research robot puts in a requisition order to attempt the revival of “soft” life from remnants of DNA. The order is granted. Subject ALPHA is created, a white lab rat. Success prompts work on subject BETA, a dog. When that goes smoothly, the robot creates subject CHARLIE, a human boy. Our story follows Charlie and his dog Bravo as they come to terms with their lone existence, a world covered in steel, and the history and fate of mankind.

3. AFTER EVER AFTER – A work I’ve described before. Satirical fantasy heavy on the humor. It tells the story of what happens AFTER the words “Happily ever after.”

4. UNTITLED – Nonfiction work about my various adventures and stories on the sea.

5. NO BOY’S LAND – Two brothers go camping at the edge of No Man’s Land, a mysterious area where attempts at passage are met with automated defenses. Nothing survives in No Man’s Land, not even their father who disappeared inside many years ago. They camp on the anniversary of his disappearance, in the same spot he camped with them before he went away. They spend the night talking and remembering, guessing what lies on the other side of a boundary that stretches from mountains to sea as far as man has traveled, listening to the distant thunder of explosives and munitions. It is a night just like the year before and the year before that. The morning, however is different, as a young girl, shaken and in rough shape, stumbles out of No Man’s Land and into their lives.

Whatcha think?

7 responses to “What to write next?”

  1. Tie between #2 and #3 for me.

  2. Here’s the plug I have for Bravo Charlie. I don’t even remember writing it!

    It was a world time forgot. A world of machines, building, creating, reproducing. Legends gyred among them on how they got there. Some said they came from simpler machines, that given enough time, small robots might come together in the uncompetitive wild of a proto-Earth. But there were stories of monuments that bore a mysterious lack of precision. There were tales of softer things that might have lived before the machines. There were even some who looked, who dug beneath the metal plating of their home, tunneling past the orebots bringing up the means to make more steel, exploring the history of their home for the clues of their beginnings.

    These dilettantes were begrudgingly tolerated by more useful bots. Their requisitions went to the bottom of the pile, but were occasionally granted. They were seen as slightly less batty than the artificial intelligences who spent their processing powers creating art out of fractals and writing fictional nonsense for other AIs to pore over. They were thought crazy by saner bots, until the day they discovered their maker . . .

  3. Granted, my inability to choose is in part due to my love of fairy tales gone wrong, fractured, or twisted.

  4. Crap. I didn’t read the summary of #5 closely enough. The concluding sentence has me intrigued.

  5. “Here’s the plug I have for Bravo Charlie. I don’t even remember writing it!”

    Genuinely happy LOL. I’m thinking back to the days when a letter to a potential publisher was cause for tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth. You’ve come a long way, baby.

  6. Very cool that some of the idea from No Boy’s Land appeared in Sand some years later! You never forget the good ones.

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