About Hugh Howey

Born in 1975, I fell in love with reading and with sailing at a young age. I had two dreams in life: to write a novel and to sail around the world. In 2009, I finally completed my first novel. My seventh published work, WOOL, became an international bestseller and has been translated into nearly 40 languages.

My career as a writer has taken me all around the world; I’ve met amazing readers everywhere I go, and I’ve seen some extraordinary places. Now I’m embarking on a journey to complete my second dream, that of sailing around the world. This website is a history of both of those dreams.

About Wayfinding

Wayfinding is the ancient art of navigating by paying attention to the natural signs all around us. Ancient wayfinders used the stars, the wind, the currents, the migration of birds, and much more in order to settle the islands of the Pacific.

I believe there are many lessons to be learned from these ancient navigators. For me, wayfinding has become a method of self-improvement by tuning in to the many hidden signs of our behavior, and using these signs to navigate to the better self that we aspire to be.