• New Book Release!

    I’m over the moon to announce this one. After the amazing reception Elinor and I received for our post-card-apocalyptic THE BALLOON HUNTER, we immediately set to work on a sequel. Today it went live on Amazon! We present to you: DEATH TO ANYONE WHO READS THIS These books have been a blast to put together.… Continue reading

  • Meet Wanda Jane Rainer: Monster Tamer!

    Meet Wanda Jane Rainer: Monster Tamer!

    I’m so excited to announce this book. It’s one of two new picture books created with the absolutely brilliant Maine Diaz, whose art I love and adore. The idea for the book and script came from Matt Mikalatos, my great friend and screenwriting partner. Check out the product page on Amazon here. It’s on Kindle… Continue reading

  • Creativity and Consciousness

    I’ve written about consciousness many times on this blog, and I’ve published a work on my theory of consciousness if you’re interested in diving even deeper (free on Kindle Unlimited, very cheap otherwise). I’ve also written extensively on my creative process. And I’ve published works about AI in places like Wired well before today’s AI… Continue reading

  • AI Training Permission

    A comment on my previous post about not using AI in my stories — and using the copyright page to make this explicit — is worth responding to in its own post, because I think it raises important issues. The comment comes from Pat, who says: I would think a better use of the Copyright… Continue reading

  • AI and the Copyright Page

    For many years, the copyright page has served niche functions for a very niche audience. Basically, a copyright page is there for 8 reasons that hardly anyone cares about: 1) To assure your ex that the character who resembles them in every single detail is due to a series of very unlikely coincidences. 2) To… Continue reading