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Friday the 12th: I’ll be in Melbourne visiting a few bookstores and then at opening night of SupaNova.

Saturday and Sunday: SupaNova Melbourne!

Tuesday the 16th, I’ll be visiting Sydney bookstores. On Wednesday at 6:30 PM I’ll be at Kinokuniya Bookstore. Not positive, but I think this is open to the public.

Thursday the 18th, I’ll be signing books at Dymocks Brisbane City from 1:00 to 2:00

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be SupaNova Gold Coast!

Monday the 22nd, I’ll head to Auckland, New Zealand for two days of signing and touring.

There’s a bunch of stuff in-between, mostly bookstore signings and media interviews.


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  1. Mathew Ferguson Avatar
    Mathew Ferguson

    Are you only signing books at SupaNova when you’re in Melbourne?


    1. I’m hitting a TON of bookstores in Melbourne, but I don’t know if the times are exact enough to be sure to catch me there. I have for FRIDAY:

      9:30 AM Store visits: multiple Melbourne Stores: Dymocks Camberwell, Dymocks Doncaster, Dymocks Eastland and Dymocks Glen Waverley.

      2:00 PM Store visit: Readings Carlton

      2:30 PM Store visit: Dymocks Melbourne

  2. Hi Hugh,

    Is it a fair assumption your Tuesday evening dinner is already planned? If not, I have a fantastic suggestion and would be happy to assist with the booking.

    I look forward to meeting the man and the legend. :-)

  3. I might try for either the Melbourne Dymocks or Carlton Readings store visit and if that fails, I’ll try to get to SupaNova over the weekend.

    Looking forward to the requisite 30 seconds to possibly shake hands and get a book signed. I might throw my name into the bargain, but I doubt you’ll have time to register.

    Are you performing an actual reading anywhere?

  4. “There’s a bunch of stuff in-between…”

    Yes, like HONOLULU!
    Try fit us in on your way back, thanks!

  5. If you like coffee, try a flat white in Sydney. Their version of a latte. Soo good. I love Australia!

    1. We have latte’s in Australia too. We also have flat whites. Just don’t expect to get a straight answer on what the difference actually is though ;) Less froth on the flat white? I dunno.

  6. I hope you have a blast down under Hugh!

    I do pretty much all my reading via audio books and I’ve noticed a ton of your books have been popping up on Audible. I’m really excited to listen to them all. I’ve specifically been waiting for this one:

    Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue: The Bern Saga, Book 1

    I just noticed today (and then bought it to listen to) that it was available. Tell us when these bad boys come out so we can get excited about them! :) Are you doing all of those yourself through ACX since you’re self published? Thanks and don’t get lost on a “walk about.”

  7. Say hello to Brisbane, I lived in Chermside (went to Wavell Heights HS) in the 80s. Love love love Australia. Fair dinkum (if they even say that any more! lol).

  8. How long are you in New Zealand? Will you get to Rotorua at all? Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!!! Otherwise I’ll have to try to get a couple of days off!!!

    1. John in Hollywood Avatar
      John in Hollywood

      Maybe if you tell him Hobbiton is near there he might make a special trip ;-)

  9. Any more details available for the your upcoming NZ visit? All I have found out about so far is a visit to Takapuna Library, 6.30pm Mon April 22 – is this right? Any info much appreciated on this or other appearances.

    Thanks for coming over anyway. Looking forward to it.

    1. I haven’t been given a schedule yet! You know more than I do. I’ll inquire.

  10. John in Hollywood Avatar
    John in Hollywood

    I’ll be interested to hear your take on Australia. I just got back from a month there.

    New Zealand is the most beautiful place on Earth, hands down. Doesn’t sound like you’ll be going to the South Island where most of the best scenery is, but Auckland is (I think) a much nicer city than Sydney. Try to make it up to the Observation tower if you can, the view from up there is spectacular!

  11. Supernova Gold Coast, here I come… looking forward to seeing you there

  12. michelle clair Avatar

    I love your books, being a readaholic means I can’t live without a good book, and yours are excellent.
    Wish you would come to New Zealand’s South Island, I live in Christchurch and would love to meet you but there’s no possibility of my making it to Auckland this month, which makes me very sad.
    Regards, Michelle

    1. I would love to come to the South Island. Not sure if I can hop over there on my free day.

      1. It would be fan-tastic if you could! =))

  13. Well shit dude, dontcha know you’re supposed to only come to Melbourne when I’m FREE and AVAILABLE to come bask in your self-publishing glory?

  14. Your event at Kinokuniya is certainly open to the public, though RSVPs are essential. I did, of course, repondez s’il vous plait with alacrity, and I am looking forward to it. Hope you get a chance to see some of the off-the-beaten track sights and sites around Sydney.

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