All those annoying emails you’re getting…

If you’ve been getting emails from Amazon about changes to the content of the Kindle editions, no, I did not rewrite them to kill off more characters. Amazon had an issue with the Kindle fire background colors not displaying correctly under some settings. Since the preview tool they provide doesn’t allow one to emulate that setting, there was no way to know it was a problem until readers contacted them. This was the reason the Omnibus went down last weekend (but nothing to do with why the other books disappeared for a while).

In sum: feel free to ignore those missives. They likely don’t apply to you.

6 responses to “All those annoying emails you’re getting…”

  1. Totally applied to me. I like to read books on a dark background with brightness turned down when it’s late at night. Some of the books didn’t work right, so you had to read them black-on-white. I didn’t even think to report it to Amazon, but fortunately someone else clearly did and it is supposedly fixed.

  2. Already forgotten… I use an iPad so it never bothered me anyways… but thanks for the update!

  3. How do I make sure I’ve got the updated version? Do I just need to “remove from device” and then re-download? Or would my “cloud” still have the “old” version?

    1. That’s exactly it. You just remove it and choose it from your “Archives” list.

  4. It was the weirdest fit of coincidence I’ve seen in a long time. I’d just finished Wool 1 and was starting Wool 2. Then I ran into the text background error (because I find white-on-black incurs far less eye strain). Literally the next morning, the Omnibus updated — end of problem. It was as if you’d felt a disturbance in the Force and read my mind. Thanks, Hugh!

    1. Hey, glad it’s fixed for ya!

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