Hugh Howey

  • Ideas and Execution

    I’ve lost count of how many times someone has told me that they have a great idea for a book, would I like to write it and we’ll split the money? It never ceases to make me laugh. The idea is the easy part, I tell them. Execution is everything. Ideas come in a flash,… Continue reading

  • The Nature of Work

    My thoughts about work took a dramatic shift as I sailed around Fiji. On practically every island I visited, there was a sharp divide between the native Fijians and the populations from India who had settled over the past seventy years. Almost without exception, all the small shops and businesses were run by enterprising Indian… Continue reading

  • SILO Trailer Reactions

    The SILO trailer dropped yesterday, and oh my gosh people are having reactions! Some of my favorite websites for culture news have picked this up. Highlights: AV Club: “Apple TV+ gets their Westworld on in trailer for new series Silo“ Bloody Disgusting: The new trailer teases just how intense the search for truth might get for the protagonists… Continue reading

  • Machine Wisdom

    ChatGPT is the most exciting technology that I’ve ever interfaced with, no hyperbole. More than the first computer I booted up, the first time I flew or drove, the first smartphone I held. It is beyond anything I thought I’d see in my lifetime, and this is still early days. One thing to keep in… Continue reading

  • Harmonism

    Curious about ChatGPT V4’s seemingly endless supply of wisdom, I decided to challenge it to create a new religion. Here was my prompt: Hey ChatGPT, drawing on your knowledge of all the world’s religions, I would love for you to come up with a brand new and novel system of belief. Please include in your… Continue reading