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Autumn Kalquist’s “Won’t Give Up”

This is a crazy-awesome honor. Autumn Kalquist’s latest tune was inspired by my MOLLY FYDE series. It’s a catchy tune with silky smooth vocals. Give it a listen, then check the link after for a story about how Autumn put it together:

Here’s Autumn’s blog post about writing and recording the tune.

The four books in the series were recently updated with new covers that combine the original Jasper Schreur’s artwork with Jason Gurley’s typography:

Howey_MOLLY_FYDE_BOOK1_EbookEdition copy

Howey_MOLLY_FYDE_BOOK2_EbookEdition copy

Howey_MOLLY_FYDE_BOOK3_EbookEdition copy

Howey_MOLLY_FYDE_BOOK4_EbookEdition copy










10 replies to “Autumn Kalquist’s “Won’t Give Up””

Thanks so much for sharing the song! ;)
Freya and I were working on the soundtrack to my Fractured Era book series when I read the Molly Fyde series. I loved Molly’s story, and I can’t wait to read the next book! Once I got that tune in my head, I *had* to record it! I hope we captured the feeling of your world and story. ;)

Autumn, I think sound lyrics count. :) You got the trifecta!

I sound like someone has a bucket over my head when I sing, so I’m quite pea green. Great song and it does fit well with the Molly Fyde saga as well.

Congrats Hugh!

Song totally fits the series… Typography works…

This is my favorite series you write, can’t wait for the next one. Although you are a bit of a tease. You taking book 5 off the progress meter I was like Mr. Burns “Excelent”.

Keep up the great work, keep writing and keep encouraging others. Yeah I guess that you should sleep and do those life things too. LOL

I especially like the typography for “Hugh Howey”! Does this mean there will be more Molly Fyde books? I don’t see one in the progress meter anymore, and that scared me a little…

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