Beacon 23 is Spinning Up!

Two episodes dropping in just a few weeks!

4 responses to “Beacon 23 is Spinning Up!”

  1. Jeff Marraccini Avatar

    Looking forward to it! Congratulations, Hugh and all involved!

  2. So exciting! Looking forward to the new episodes – thanks you for the heads up!

  3. Really can not wait for this. And how about a sequel to the book some time? :D

  4. Big fan since stumbling upon the self-published first chapter that turned into Wool. Hugh, you are rocking it with the captivating storylines that are fascinating enough to make it to the screen! Loving AMC’s Beacon. (It definitely helps to let some time pass between the reading and the viewing…the books are SO much better than the streaming, which is still really good). Anyway, hope you keep providing us all with great entertainment! Congrats!

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