Boing Boing – And I’m Bouncing

I had a very gushing mention on Boing Boing’s podcast yesterday. The entire chat is worth a listen, but if you want to hear the WOOL bits over and over, check the 20:00 spot. The show’s guest goes on and on about WOOL. Very cool.

Also: I’m bouncing in a couple of days. Off to New York. (You thought the two bits in this post’s title were related? They’re not!) So, I’m going to ship out what signed books are ordered; the rest will have to wait until I get back on the 27th. Since I hit 200 WOOL reviews, I’ll be doing some really awful dancing around NYC. I promised a Time Warp, and my baby sister is going to help by distracting you with the proper moves while I make a fool of myself. Stay tuned.

Don’t worry, though: I’ll be writing while I travel. Check the progress bars now and then and keep me honest. Since I, ZOMBIE is a NY story, I’ll be doing a bit of research while I’m up there (shuffling down some streets; visiting Harlem, where several chapters take place; scoping out a park and a bodega or two). I’m looking forward to the R&R. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of the next Wool book knocked out as well.

Whatever you do, don’t destroy the place while I’m gone.

2 responses to “Boing Boing – And I’m Bouncing”

  1. “Whatever you do, don’t destroy the place while I’m gone.”

    Awww man! I was planning on inviting all my friends and having a party while you were gone! :-p

    1. You can have a party if you really want to. ;)

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