Camden Library

A huge thanks to everyone who turned out tonight in Camden! That was one of the most enjoyable events I’ve had anywhere in the world. Great people, a full house, wonderful food and drinks, and quiet snorers. What more could you ask for?

A lot of pictures taken, so please share here or on Twitter or Facebook. And thanks again for spending your Monday night with me!


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  1. Rosemary Partridge Avatar
    Rosemary Partridge

    I concur Hugh it was a great night. Thank you for taking the time to visit and to Virginia for organizing the night. Just about finished Wool up to page 510 and looking forward to shift. Look forward to the movie coming out.

    Kind regards

    P.S. Uploaded the photo on Facebook :)

  2. Thanks for making the trip to Camden, it was a great night. I think I’ll be up late finishing “Wool” so I can get on to “Shift”. Really interesting for my daughter Eleanor as well, she is working out a story with a character named Hugh and a magical dog! Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey.

  3. Hugh, is there any video evidence of your book tour, whether in US, or AUZ? I’d love to see one of your infamous Q&As, but youtube doesn’t seem to have anything from your tour. Us northern folks need to live vicariously through your videos!

    …unless you come to Toronto some day ;)

    1. You know…someone was taking video when he was at Books and Books in Miami so one of his Q&As should be on film somewhere…maybe we can contact them and ask for an upload. Thanks for that nudge:)

  4. My wife Virginia (head Librarian of Camden Library) got a blurb from Random House about a possible visiting writer and brought you to my attention about six months ago when she asked me if I’d ever heard of ‘Hugh Howey’ knowing I was a keen SF fan. I hadn’t but quickly got up to speed with Wool and Shift. Thank you Hugh for your warmth and generosity in sharing with us about your writing. I went along with two of my students and we got a lot out of it. It was an absolute delight to meet you in person. Keep keeping it real Hugh, we need writers like you.

    1. The pleasure was mine, Mario. It was great meeting you and your students.

  5. Shaun Houghton Avatar

    Thanks again Hugh for coming to Camden. You are a humble and generous bloke with a mighty imagination. I look forward to many adventures in your worlds.

    I really liked your anecdote about the way humanity view the negative aspects of the world through television. You bringing this analogy alive in Wool is what makes the story a didactic one. It has something to say, this is why it reverberates.

    I was reminded of this anecdote this morning when i saw the events in Boston on every channel.

    Enjoy the rest of your visit in Australia. It was great to meet you in person.

    Keep on keeping on mate.


  6. Karyn Bradford Avatar

    Thank you Hugh for coming all the way out to Camden, and to the organisers for arranging the event. I was interested to hear that “Ender’s Game” had been your favourite as a kid, its also one of my all time favourites, but I came to it as an adult. The one book that got me into Sci Fi as a kid was Robert A Heinlein’s “Tunnel in the Sky”, and your “Half Way Home” reminded me of it a lot.

    I’ve read all your books (most on kindle) and enjoyed them all, even your horrible ” I Zombie”. (Which is simultaneously horrible and brilliant). Your books have been the start of my kindle addiction, but I’m now forced to explore other lesser works while waiting for Dust. On that topic, is there anything that can be done to release Dust on Kindle in Australia at the same time as the USA. Its not like there was an addition in print that the publishers were protecting when Pact came out, but it was a month before it was available here. An agonising wait!!

    Thanks again for coming to Camden, enjoy the rest of your tour!

    Karyn – Kindle Addict

    1. I wish I could control the release date of Australia. The only way to make them simultaneous is to delay the US release, which helps no one. I need to do a blog post about this and get some reactions.

  7. Libraries are so cool!

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