Charleston, SC & Miami, FL

Only two stops left on this wild book tour, and I’m really looking forward to both. In Charleston, I’ll see my mother, sister, and dear friends. I’ll also be visiting the B&N I used to work in while attending college and speaking at the B&N my mother used to run in West Ashley.

Miami will wrap up the tour at the main Books & Books location. Get this: Dogs are allowed! Which means Bella will be in attendance (My wife, too). And then a couple weeks at home to ship out signed copies of books and do some writing!

Come see me on Monday, the 25th at the West Ashley B&N at 7:00.

On Tuesday, the 26th, I’ll be at Books & Books in Coral Gables at 8:00.

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  1. A book store that welcomes dogs! That sound ideal. I wish my dogs and I could come.

  2. Thanks for confirming the time for West Ashley! I’m thinking about picking up a copy at the local B&N, just in case they sell out.

  3. Coral Gables=good for you but not so good for me. To long of a drive after my recent back surgery(s). But when you get home and if you have the time we could do lunch. There is a forum member who is in Tequesta who mentioned the idea.(as you did what seems so long ago.:)).

    If not, I’ll just throw my books into your yard for you to sign, and you can toss them back.
    Bet you will be happy to get this over, eh?

  4. Darn, I’m in Charleston now visiting a friend. Wish I had known, I would have come when you were here. Hope to see you in Charlotte. I’ll be sure someone represents me at your book signing.

  5. Dogs are allowed at Books and Books?? Well, there went any hesitation I had about coming down after a long day at work…I always feel bad when I have to leave the kids at home. So I’ll be there with my boys to help you celebrate your last stop on your whirlwind book tour. Cannot wait!

  6. Wave at me when you fly over the Augusta GA area. :)

  7. Curious as to who will transmit more visible affection when they see you after several weeks.. Amber or Bella? (Rather, should I ask: which will cuddle closer to you that night?)

    C Ya at the signing.

    1. Bella will barely care. Amber should. I hope.

  8. Bummer I will be flying to Austin Tuesday and not able to hit up the Miami stop!
    I have a hardcover that still needs to be signed…

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