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“Cheap is Cheap”

I finally saw MIDNIGHT IN PARIS last night, and it charmed my socks off. What a brilliant film. One I’m sure I’ll watch a second and third time. One of the cringe-worthy quotes from a heinous character — said a couple of times — was, “Cheap is cheap.” And that’s the first thing I thought of when I checked my Amazon page and noticed that the price of the WOOL audiobook is back to $1.99!

Now, this is only for those of you who own the Kindle edition of the book. But even if you don’t, that means you can get the ebook AND the unabridged audiobook for $6.98. That seems outright crazy to me. The newer Kindles will even read the work to you in the actor’s voice and highlight the words as she goes. It’s called Whispersync, and it’s badass. You have to see (and hear) it to appreciate it.

If you know anyone who hasn’t checked out the work because they don’t do ebooks, maybe recommend this little secret as a way of getting the audiobook for cheap. Oh, and this is a new recording that includes the chapter we added for the Random House edition. Also: SHIFT is now up for pre-order on Audible and should be out in a couple of weeks! You won’t believe Tim Reynolds’ reading. It’s AMAZING.

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MIP is one of my favorite movies ever. We bought it and I watch it with the family about once every other month. Bought the soundtrack too. Oh, and bought the audiobook to WOOL too.

Random – I read this post while watching a documentary on Woody Allen. Midnight in Paris was good!

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