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I get a lot of awesome emails. I wish I could share them all. No way I could keep this one to myself.

Email subject:Eerie in its accuracy

Your scene in Shift set in Kramer Books between Donald and Sen. Thurman is eerie in how closely it parallels an experience I had thirty years ago. I had gone into Kramer Books to browse the biography section when I realized there were fewer and fewer people around. I noticed suited men at the end of each isle preventing new shoppers from entering the stacks. Then I saw the curly wires of their earpieces. A gentleman, the only other person in the stacks by then, browsed my way and asked me if I was going to read the book I had in my hand (the 3rd volume of George Kennan’s memoirs), and I told him I thought I would. We continued talking and after a while it dawned on me I was talking to Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. I stifled my disgust and remained polite and he eventually picked a biography and a history book and, as you described, handed them to one of the secret service agents to take to checkout. So, yeah, the scene seemed real enough to me!

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Follow-up email:

It was 1977, when Pinochet came to Washington for the ceremony to sign the Panama Canal Treaty during Carter’s presidency.

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  1. Very cool! I lived and worked in D.C. then (actually at the U.S. Department of State with some of those special agents that protected foreign dignitaries) and I got a kick out of your Kramerbooks scene when I read Shift. Just checked and it’s still there… great spot.

    I hope you’re still thinking about opening your own bookstore.

  2. Thoroughly awesome!

    Somehow, I don’t think I’ll ever get an equivalent “I tripped on that same rock you mentioned in your book while trail running.”

    It does show how much a book store acts as a nexus for a community. Sadly, I live in a town without a bookstore – new, used – just. . . .nothin’.

    1. Wonderful stories! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I once took a trip to England, found a fancy hotel in London, dropped off my suitcase and went touring. When I came back that evening and entered my room I saw my suitcase open and everything carefully laid out on the bed. Nothing was missing, just displayed. I went to my brother who was in another room and no one had checked him out. I went to the front desk to complain, they told me it was a random security check. That was crap, I have an Irish accent, my brother does not(this was during the time of the ‘troubles’). Angry that it was just racial profiling against Irish I informed them i would check out in the morning and find a less racist hotel. They didn’t care one bit, even when my brother( a special investigator for the DA who was there to visit some big shot in Scotland Yard), informed them I was American born and raised. They remained rude.
    The next morning as i left there were men is dark suits all over the place, I thought they had come for me until I watched Charles and Lady Di enter through the front. I then understood, and AGREED with, the security. I would have checked everyone if Lady Di was coming to my house, lol.
    But it doesn’t end there….. I said hi to Lady Di, we had met in a construction project in the World Trade Center just three months previous where she had asked me lots of questions about growing up in the Bronx, she was a nice lady, she remembered me. The funny part was when she asked me how i enjoyed my stay, I told her they were rude and I was leaving. When i turned to the guy at the desk, he was as red as a beet. After Di went to her room they apologized to me, offering me a week for free, but being thick headed, I still left. My credit card was never charged though.

  4. Wonderful stories! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Fantastic stories! I’m envious… ;)


  6. What a fun coincidence!

    As a DC’er, I can attest to seeing the most unexpected folk in the most unexpected places. It can be awkward, for sure.

  7. Fascinating.

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