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Dragon*Con and Atlanta Meet-Up!

UPDATE: The Juke Joint is open today, so ignore their website. Opens at noon. See you there!

Heading to Atlanta tomorrow for my first-ever Dragon*Con. Anyone else going? Any Atlanta natives out there?

A few readers have emailed about a possible Meet-Up, so it’s now officially on. The Meet-Up will be Saturday at noon. The venue is Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint: 200 Peachtree Street, Suite #L05 Atlanta, Georgia (404) 230-5853.

We have a table reserved for 30. Chime in below if you are for sure coming. If we need to get more room we will.

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If you get something together outside of the actual events, let me know?
I live in Atlanta but this year I’m not partaking of the Con events. Usually I end up following the author and writers tracks when I go though.
Hopefully there will be less Boba Fett, Assassins Creed, and Deadpool cosplay and more inventive costumes this year. A fun time to be sure.

I’m in all the way! I’m willing to miss a few panels to meet up with you Hugh :). Adding to my calendar for the weekend.

Oooh, I hope the AMAZING Dragon*Con Parade is done by that time. It starts at 10am and goes down Peachtree Street just up the block from Sweet Georgia’s. You can’t miss the parade, Hugh! I’ll be there, regardless.

According to the restaurant website they open at 4:00pm on Saturday. Or, are they doing something special just for Hugh? :-)

I noticed that as I was talking to them to set up this up. And made sure to double check with them and they said they’d be open.

OMG, I wanna come! There’s a Decatur Book Festival session I want to attend around that time though, but I sure will try to make it!

Would LOVE to but I’ll be volunteering at the Decatur Book Festival from 12:30 til 7pm. If you decide to head over there, let me know! Or, if any other Meet-Ups happen, please spread the word!

RSVP for 3 – Count me and my wife, and her aunt in for the lunch. I’ m trying to meet all of my favorite authors. Just met James Rollins last week so this will be very cool.

I counted 26 so I think there’s still room for me? Count me in, Hugh, and thanks! Looking forward to meeting everyone. :-)

If it’s not too late to RSVP, my daughter and I will be there but not until 1:00 pm. Hopefully, that’s not too late!

For anyone driving in who wants to save gas and leave a smaller carbon footprint, if you didn’t already know, the Peachtree Center MARTA Station is just 259 feet away from Sweet Georgia, according to ye ole Google Maps. FYI if you want to avoid parking in downtown ATL. :-)

I can’t believe I’m just now seeing this. I would have absolutely been there. My only purpose at the con was to meet folks and promote my new novel. I would have interrupted all promotion to make this event.
Oh well.

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