Dust Hardbacks!

In the UK, anyway.

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  1. I ordered mine months ago!

  2. I have 20 of these things, by the way. No clue what to do with them all!

    1. Sell one to me! I am nearly twitching at the thought of having 1 hardcover and 2 paperbacks.

    2. Sign, doodle, date, text, line, comment them, make them unique, then put them on ebay and let us bid on them, after that spend the money to a indi-writer-society. OR just send them all to me and i will sign them and sell them for you… hahahaha

      I am waiting for the books i ordered from the UK, i am also waiting for news about the german book and the goldsboro-book and the reading-trip of you to europe…

      SO much to come, so freaky awesome time we live in…


  3. Tease. I preordered the slipcased one from Goldsboro some time ago, but I don’t think those are due until next month, right? So, I could think of something you could do with at least one of those babies…if, you know, you were really struggling with it. :-P

  4. Just like juvenile books from the 1920’s, ’30’s and ’40’ s. Some had a beautiful image engraving on the cover. You should have held out for a raised Silo, or is that for an anniversary edition?

    Also very much like Text books, which are probably gone with the wind now that we have tablets and people can highlight and make comments.
    Would not to make marks on hardcopy, since they belonged to the school board.

    Never one for writing in books however, once saw a bible with comments written on the borders of pages by the commander of the Japanese forces at Pearl Habor.

  5. Amazon say I wont receive my copy of DUST until October 24th.
    I will then put the trilogy together just like you did in the video and walk around the house with them. My wife thinks I’m weird.

    1. Go for it! It keeps the marriage interesting. Just ask my husband! :D

  6. I cover all my dustcovers as soon as I buy them so no worries on issues with or without. I covers my Wool and Shift as well. It made the slipcase a little bit of a tight squeeze. Probably won’t cover the Goldsboro Dust as it won’t be read . The ugly edition fulfilled that need.

  7. Beautiful babies. I think, when I’ll finally order them in physical form, this will be the one!

    I hate the other type, the hardcover… Just like you said. Whenever I have to read a hardcover book, It’s like it’s destroying itself while I read it. And it already looks ancient, when I’m done, even if I only read it once.

  8. Extremely exciting! I love the covers and despise paper covers (and misplace them!) These covers look more swank and durable. My husband has read everything by you including DUST (via Kindle) in one sitting. I started with Half Way Home, now halfway thru WOOL omnibus. Thanks for your gift of writing!!!

  9. I HATE Dustcovers. They make books unreadable. I LOVE hardbacks that have printing directly applied. Those are nice and they don’t rip or get lost. Unfortunately not many books come that way. Gratz on getting your Dust hardbacks destined for UK that way.

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