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Well, this is a first! Because of the pre-order page I set up on Amazon, the release date for the e-book is locked in for the 17th of August. Those of you who aren’t new to these parts know how I usually release my e-books. I set a date, beat that target by a week or more, and then surreptitiously press the “publish” button when no one is looking. I don’t announce anything, just wait for the book to be discovered, and then go crawl under a rock while the reviews pour in, fearing they’re all going to be brutal.

I’m not able to do that this time! Which means the physical edition is going to catch up with the digital edition. In fact, I’m expecting to see the first boxes of books hit my stoop around the 7th of August. I’m going to pounce on these like they’re a box of cupcakes and get them out the door to you as swiftly as I can (mind the slobber).

That means many of you (if you are in the U.S.) will find that your paperback copy of DUST arrives before the book is even out. And if that ain’t cool, I don’t know what is. It won’t be a huge difference, though, so no complaining from the Kindle-only crowd. You all have typically had two or three week head starts on the paperback people. About time they had something go their way.

I ordered extra copies of both the Gorgeous Edition (the yellowish cover up there at the top of my website and on the sidebar) and the Ugly Edition (which can be ordered right here). Any order made before Wednesday or Thursday should go out with the first batch. And I’m going to livestream my mom and I signing all of these books and packing them up, so if there’s any embarrassing questions you  have for her, jot them down and have them ready.

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  1. Hiya Hugh –

    Being a big fan of instant gratification I have two questions. First, since your book doesn’t have a page yet in Apple’s iBookstore, is there a chance that people that intend to purchase the iBook would have early access? Second, I assume the orders you’re referring to that would arrive early are physical copies sent by you via pre-orders on this site; not the physical copies pre-ordered via Amazon, correct?

    Thanks a ton for all you do!

    1. Yup. These are the signed copies attained via my website. The iBook version will be uploaded a few days ahead of time in an attempt to time the release, but they have been slow to make a work live in the past, so it might not be “out” on the iBookstore on the 17th. :(

  2. Is that books ordered before Wednesday last week or this week. It’ll still reach me quicker in Ireland than anyone else either way

  3. Congrats Hugh!! Can’t wait to read it when my e-copy is released.

  4. Sweet. Really looking forward to it.

  5. Gorgeous Dust, Ugly Dust, Shift and Wool Omnibus paperbacks, Gorgeous Dust, Shift, and 2 copies of Wool Omnibus hardcovers. My collection continues to grow… my obsessiveness is taking over. Stop it! (but don’t stop writing!)

  6. I just ordered the ugly one! Super happy to hear this, because I was thinking it would come to my Kindle on the 17th, and I’d better not stay up all night reading that night… that’s the day before I’m renewing my wedding vows, then having a boatload of people come over to celebrate. It would be impolite to fall asleep, don’t you think?

    So wow, if you send it Wednesday, and I’m in Connecticut, it might even get to me by Friday (which is my REAL wedding date, and we’re going away for the weekend, but I can be sleepy for my husband). ;-) Of course, we’ll have to wrestle over who gets to read it first, but I can tell him it’s research for my own Silo stories, so I HAVE to read it. Right away.

    So excited, Hugh!

  7. Are you going to release wool/shift/dust in one trilogy edition (paperback and/or ebook)?

    1. I’ll release them in a single e-book for $9.99, which is a pretty big savings.

      1. Does the single e-book trilogy have a release date?

  8. Just ordered an “ugly” edition of Dust. Had to have one of these.

    Good luck with the Gorgeous edition, my friend. :)

  9. Wondeful. As always ordered twice!

    Looking forward what is coming after the Wool-Saga…

    Regards from germany, Torben

  10. I can’t wait to get a book signed by your mother

    1. It can happen on August 8th!

  11. Can’t wait till I get paid tomorrow… also, talking of money and signed books, I thinks me needs to send you an email…

  12. Just ordered the “Ugly” edition. This is like Christmas! I can’t wait! Thank you Hugh for listening to your fans and making this edition available. You rock sir!

  13. I really would like to read “dust”, but in Europe it seems available only after February 2014. Is there any special reason for the enormous delay between US and Europe?

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