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Fantastic News!

I get emails all the time from readers who want easy access to an epub version of WOOL with no DRM. Well guess what? It’s finally here! Kobo has gone live with their new indie publishing tools, and WOOL went up the very first day! I used the new Jasper Schreurs cover; there is no DRM on the book; same old price; and all the Goodreads reviews are going to be linked up!

Here’s where you go to get a copy (or gift a copy or share the link with a friend).

Here’s what you’ll see:


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Hello,my name is Duan ZhiYan.I am an editor of SFW(Science Fiction World).
Founded in 1979 magazine Science Fiction World (SFW) is China’s leading monthly science fiction magazine. It dominates the Chinese science fiction magazine market with a circulation of 300,000 copies per issue. So assuming 3-5 readers per copy it has an estimated total readership of at least 1 million and as such is the World’s most-read SF periodical.
First of all,I congratulate your book has been published.WOOL is an excellent and fascinating book and I am interested in your book.
I hope to establish cooperative relations with you,and I would like to introduce your book to Chinese readers in Simplified Chinese Copyright.
If you are willing to further cooperation with us, please email me.
Thank you.

Thanks, Duan! Congrats on the incredible readership. That’s amazing.

The Chinese rights to WOOL have been secured. I’d be happy to send you one of my other pieces if you are interested.

Very glad to get your reply and thank you for your willingness to cooperation with us.
Although you said that the Chinese rights to WOOL have been secured,but I want to know the Copyright is Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese?They are different.Traditional Chinese sales in Taiwan,Simplified Chinese sales in Mainland China.
Look forward your reply.
Thank you.

I believe we’ve signed the rights to both, one deal in Taiwan and another in mainland China. If you want to reach out to Gray Tan, he’s my agent in Asia, and he would know the particulars of what’s available.

Thanks again for the interest!

How to contact your agent,Gary Tan?Can you give me his e-mail?
We look forward to establish cooperation with you.We are also looking forward to your new book.
Good night.

Wow Thanks Hugh,
This exciting for me to see, Now I just hope the fans don’t think it’s to much of a spoiler! But then most of them will have read the book anyways!

Btw, don’t know if you know, but it is currently impossible to buy part 6 of the wool series in the UK. The publisher seems to have pulled book 6 from being available on Kindle. Is there anything I can do to get it, am dying to read it!

Man, you can’t get away from this 50 shades thing. I had to have a little chuckle when I saw it advertised above Wool in the picture. You know, they say that the 50 shades trilogy is what all the moms are reading this summer, but that’s not true. All of us awesome moms read Wool. :D

Really happy to see this on Kobo. Will First Shift be appearing there any time soon? I’m nearly finished the Omnibus and don’t want to stop there!

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