Final Shift!

This took longer than expected. When I released the combined SHIFT OMNIBUS, I knew the blue cover with the fallout shelter symbol wouldn’t last. It was at the behest of readers that I used the cover, and I couldn’t wait to update it, both to make it look snazzy and to reward those early buyers by limiting the number of copies floating about. So, it’s with great pleasure that I announce the end of that edition. If you own it, there is no reason in the universe for getting this new one. It’s the same book (a few typos fixed, of course). For those who order SHIFT going forward, they’ll be rewarded with the cover from Random House UK, which matches the new WOOL cover. I don’t think the video does this book justice; it’s the prettiest print-on-demand book I’ve ever held.

8 responses to “Final Shift!”

  1. Welldone Cover!
    And of course we or at least I want a Browne or Orange Dust Cover with radioactive symbol to make the perfect look in the shelf complete…

    By the way. If you have one of the “missprinted” Mollys to much, just send to my address!

    Have a nice Sunday and write, write, write, dear writer!

  2. Awesome!

    It’s amazing how things are going in the literary world. I found WOOL and First Shift in one of our local mainstream book stores (Tanum, Oslo) and they even knew of it without searching their database.

    Conversely I *didn’t* find it at a “niche” science fiction/alternative book store… some people just set themselves up to fail.

  3. How do I get on the list for the list for a “Fallout Symbol Cover” version of Dust? I would really like complete my collection. Can’t wait for it to be released!

    1. Yeah, I’d like a symbol cover for Dust as well.

  4. Lucky for me, I bought SHIFT with the fallout shelter symbol. Love it. :)

  5. So when can I get a hardbound copy of the new SHIFT omnibus with the beautiful blue cover?

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