Happy Dance!

SAND is now published! Sorry, no videos of me dancing a jig around my office. YouTube has new algorithms that block any video of my unrhythmic spasms from landing on the internet. True story. I do have a video of me uploading SAND to my Kindle Direct Publishing account, though. (Am I the only person who geeks out over how easy all of this is? Self-publishing is a handful of clicks. The time-consuming part is still writing the book).

So . . . now that SAND is out in the world, it’s on to the next thing. Time to open a blank page or an old work in progress and daydream a bit. In my underwear. Yes, I fully appreciate the awesomeness of it all. Peace, everyone.

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  1. Adam Zweimiller Avatar

    Hey Hugh,

    Any idea if or when this will be going on Kobo? I like the DRM free epubs, personally.


  2. Looking forward to what’s next! Thanks for keeping it so easy to follow along by making the price of entry a cup of coffee or two.


  3. Cool! Thanks for making it borrow-able.

  4. A digital unboxing, that’s new. Hey Hugh, will you do matchbook for the books bought from here? :)

  5. Hugh, will you be sending any signed copies out before your trip to Taiwan? I want to order one as a gift to someone, but not sure if it will get to them in time. If not , I’ll still order it and give them an I.O.U. :)

    I already ordered mine. My precioussss….. ;)

  6. Look forward to reading your latest. How do I purchase Sand with my KOBO account or read it on my KOBE reader.

  7. I just ordered it from amazon.ca, going to geek out in the sand universe for the day. I’m digging the artwork by Ben Adams. So, for now. Down, down, and away…

  8. YESSSSS! Purchased. I’ve been holding on to an amazon gift card I got for Christmas, waiting for this announcement.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to drop everything I’m doing and read. Thanks!

  9. A new Hugh Howey book! How awesome! I must go purchase…

  10. Well, I just found and read the ‘Dragging Anchor’ story, and I for one would love to hear more about your days as a yacht captain. I don’t know if it would have as much commercial appeal as the likes of Wool and Sand, but it would be fascinating to a whole different demographic – and might even win you some readers from the non-fiction genres! Yes I know, I made that sound really exciting. Alternatively, you could culture mould on cheese…
    But in all seriousness, there’s quite a few people who read mostly memoirs. And I’ve yet to read a decent one about yachting. What do you reckon?

    1. I plan on it. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  11. HAPPY Birthday Sand!

    Of course i ordered the signed copies…

    When willl there be the first limited edition of Wool or Sand…

    Do it for us collectors or make a 1-copy-limited-edition for me pleeeaaaassse :-))


  12. Hey Hugh, is it possible to convert this to epub so i can read it on my kobo?? Is the kindle file protected to not allow conversion?

    1. There are tools that allow you to buy and download a Kindle book and convert it to epub. I’ve never done it, but I know it’s possible.

      1. Hey Scott, Calibre is the most commonly used tool for this – it’s free, and it works incredibly well!
        Here’s a link to download it from the creator Kovid Goyal’s site:
        I use it all the time to create my Kindle files for uploading to Amazon, as well as for converting between PDF’s and EPUB’s.

        1. Google “dedrm” for instructions. And then go buy Sand.

  13. Thanx so much guys;-)

  14. Hugh,

    Do you know when the paperback version will be available at amazon.ca?


    1. I’m surprised it isn’t already. I selected all territories.

      1. FYI – it’s still not available.

        Sara (clearly impatient)

          1. Merci bien.

          1. That’s still just the Kindle version. I’m looking for the paperback version. There is a copy sold by some seller who has inflated the price.

            I am going to get my brother to order it from amazon.com for me and get it from him when I see him. I think the paperback version takes longer to get up here. That’s what happened with Shift Omnibus.

            Thanks for looking into it.

  15. Congratulations, Hugh. I hope the book does well.

    It’s funny, I just started using Google+ and was thinking I’d go to Amazon and ‘share’ this on Google+. But Amazon doesn’t seem to HAVE stuff like this. Hm..

    Heather, who did it anyways.

  16. Hugh,

    I was going to buy Sand: Omnibus last night but didn’t. HOWEVER, I went on the Amazon UK today and it’s gone! Did you know about that? Any idea what’s going on?

    It was selling for roughly $5.


    1. Yeah, things are afoot. I hope to have an announcement soon. You can still get all 5 parts, but it costs more. :(

      1. No worries. It popped into my head you may not be aware of it and potentially losing out on some sales.

  17. Hi Hugh – Just finished Sand Omnibus in less than a day. What a great read – thanks! How long am I going to have to wait to find out what comes next? :)

    1. I’ve got at least a week or two of dabbling in some manuscripts before I decide. Glad you enjoyed SAND. Thanks for all the support!

  18. Any plans for getting Sand up on iBooks / iTunes? Apologies if this issue has already been addressed. I scanned quickly, but didn’t see it discussed anywhere.

    Thanks – looking forward to the read!

    1. Yeah, it’ll be a few weeks. I’ll make an announcement. If you have to read now, you can go paper or use the Kindle app on your iPad (which I love).

  19. Hugh – Do you get a better cut of the purchase from one source or the other (Kindle vs. iBooks)? I’ve got them both on my iPad, and no real preference, so which ever gets you a few more shillings is what I’ll go with. Love your work!

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