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Sitting at the airport, post-BEA, and heading home. The conference was amazing. A massive thanks to the authors who invited me to attend with them: Tina Folson, CJ Lyons, Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy, and Stephanie Bond. All were amazing. As were the other authors who hung out with us, like Liliana Hart and Jasinda Wilder (and their awesome other halves). I’m sure I’m leaving some others out. I can tell you this, my TBR list exploded from being around these writers and their fans.

I head home to three weeks of crunch time. I’m very close to wrapping the rough draft of DUST, which means the real work is about to begin. Revisions. My favorite part, but also the toughest part. The blog may suffer between now and the end of the month. I’ll respond to FB messages and emails more slowly. For that, I apologize.

The goal is to have a readable draft ready before my wife and I go on vacation. That’ll allow me to put the work in the hands of editors while I’m gone. I’ll get back to a pile of red ink and return to work. Should have the final draft by the middle of July, get some copyedits from Random House so they can get their edition read for a simultaneous release, and then launch that puppy on August 17th.

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  1. So will there be any print versions with the civil defense symbol like the earlier Omnibi? I doubt RH would go for it, but I’d fork over extra bucks for one of your self-pubbed special editions.

    1. You know what, I’ll put one of those together just for you and the handful of people who might want one. It might come out after. Or I’ll do a limited print run that’s only available through my site, to keep the Amazon listings from getting cluttered.

      1. Whatever you make in this direction i want one, so add one in the list…!

        By the way: when will your private online.shop be back?

        Regards from a rainy Germany!

      2. You’re really rocking that DUST word count. Good job. I’d also be down for the old school omnibus version to go with my other two. (shift still mia)

      3. Carmen Whitman Avatar
        Carmen Whitman

        Put me on the list for one of those babies! :)

      4. I’d like one, too. Too bad I couldn’t get the original yellow cover for the WOOL omnibus. :(

  2. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
    Patrice Fitzgerald

    I’m so happy to hear that you and your wife are getting away together! Good for you.

    It will be fascinating if you can share about your experience of preparing a self-published digital edition of DUST while simultaneously setting it up with RH for a print edition. You are one of the rare authors in that position… in fact, perhaps the first who has done it in just that way. On the frontier!

    Wonderful meeting you, Tina, CJ, Barbara, and Stephanie at BEA. Missed Bella! That was a tremendous booth, full of very successful, forward-thinking writers.

  3. Peter Cawdron Avatar

    Looking forward to it…

  4. John in Hollywood Avatar
    John in Hollywood

    You dote on your fans like no author I’ve ever seen. We’ll live :-)

  5. Totally on the edge of my seat after Shift. Sweet!

  6. I am anxiously awaiting Dust. I can not stop thinking about the characters in each section of this series. At first when the story moved onto a new character I would find myself frustrated but then end up obsessed with their story as well within a few pages.

    I’m sure I am not the first to say this but have you thought about doing a graphic novel series that would maybe follow a few of the characters we saw only briefly? (like the children in silo 17) I just feel like you and the silos have so many secrets to share.

    Thank you for the excellent reading material!

    Leah Earle

    1. There might be something in the works! If it goes well, I would love to expand into other areas of the story. :)

  7. Can’t wait for final installment! Ditto Leah’s comments about expanding into Graphic Novel series. Your writing Hugh has captured my imagination like no other since Stephen King. Your passion for character development really speaks to me and tons of others! You have inspired me to dust off an old story idea and just explore it and have fun. Gonna get the Dust pre-order now! Cheers -to Max

  8. I’m definitely looking forward to Dust. I don’t think I realized that books weren’t completed long long before they were published. I feel like authors are a bit more human in that case. I don’t know why that is; it just is.

    Speaking of red ink – can I offer some virtual red ink here? On your store list at the left I see this:
    Silo Series Book 2
    Mankind brings about it’s downfall and forgets it ever happened.

    “It’s” shouldn’t have an apostrophe there.

    With best intentions,
    Nicole (@cynica)

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