I, Zombie Pre-Orders!

How cool is this? Amazon has a pre-order page for I, Zombie, which means you can have it delivered to your Kindle as soon as it’s released on the 15th. That’s only two weeks away!

The pre-order for the physical book should go live on Monday. And I’ll have a link up for signed copies next week as well, so we can gauge demand for these things. I’m contemplating having one price for books signed with ink and another for books signed in my own blood. The latter will be cheaper, of course. Ink costs money!

14 responses to “I, Zombie Pre-Orders!”

  1. Pre-ordered. Can’t wait!

    Anyone else with Kindle for iPad find it wouldn’t let you pre-order it for delivery to your iPad?

    I had to pick my phone as the target. No worries, I can always download it to my iPad, but wondering if this is an Amazon thing, or a problem with my account.

  2. Nice! I wanted to pre-order wool 4,5, and 6 and was always caught off guard by the surprise release dates. Thanks for giving us this option so we can devour this thing asap.

  3. You’re just trying to ensure that when zombies come, they head to the people with blood signed copies first, which gives you a head start!

  4. Sounds great! Will check out the ‘Zon to see what’s cooking. Hopefully not zombies.

  5. WOW! Looks like Amazon knows this book release is gonna be huge. As of 8:30 pm CST, the book is ranked #913 Paid in the Kindle Store. Surely that number will get lower (which is a good thing ;) )as the days pass.

    If you’re able, please post first day sales figures for all to see. In fact, you could probably make a nice guessing game of it. Whoever makes the correct guess can will a free print copy of I, Zombie.

    I’ll be conservative and say you’ll sell 500 copies on day one. Hope I’m wrong, though. I hope you break all previous first day sales records for an indie book (if such records exist).

    Blessings, my friend.

  6. oh man, is it wrong that I want one signed in blood? It doesn’t have to be your blood.

  7. I totally just pre-ordered. I have my Zombie-obsessed friends salivating over this one…and they haven’t even read WOOL yet!

  8. What about barnesandnoble?

    1. It’ll be another few weeks before the epub version goes live.

    2. The epub should be ready in September.

  9. Got my copy preordered! Can’t wait to read it!

  10. Just preordered. Can wait for delivery to my pc…

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