I, Zombie Update!

The first 17 chapters of I, ZOMBIE just went out to beta readers and editors extraordinaire. And before you freak out at the sudden dip in the word count progress bar over there, that’s just a function of moving into this next stage of writing. The rough draft is complete, and now the revisions begin. In this case, it’ll mean adding 6,000 to 7,000 words, which is why the count has gone up (over 50,000!) but the percentage has gone down (from 95% to 88% :>(  ).

It’s all good news, I assure you. I’m targeting August 15th for a release date. That’s straight from my butt, so please, don’t trust it. And for goodness sakes, please don’t smell it.

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  1. You are so funny! Have you ever thought about writing a comedy fiction?

    Congratulations! We all are so looking forward to another Hugh Howey “HIT”!

  2. Congrats on completing the rough draft (I hear that one’s the hardest), and thanks for clarifying the word count issue. I thought you were going backwards for a moment.

    Looking forward to this zombie novel.

    Oh, by the way, when is “The Hugh Howey Method” hitting the digital shelves? (You know, the book in which you teach novelists your method of crafting literary crack. ;))

    1. Good idea! I should definitely write the nonsensical way in which I cook my crack.

      1. Breaking Bad: Hugh Howey Edition?

        1. Or maybe: This Is HOWEY Do :)

  3. I just passed 50,000 words in the novel I’m working on, but it will probably end up somewhere around 60,000-70,000. Then, of course, I will have the painful process of paring it down.

    Editing has always been a bane of mine. I get too judgmental of my own work. I am going to try to focus on fixing logic, adding character development for certain characters, and then grammar. After that, I’m going to send it to a beta reader who I trust to be brutal enough to help me get it right.

    Do you have a particular editing service you use, or do you have a particular trusted editor?

  4. Hey, that’s my release date! I’d better jump to it and release on the 14th or everyone’ll be too busy reading your book… ha ha. :-) Oh what the heck, it’s good company to be in, I’ll stick with the 15th. ;-) Looking forward to it! Husband is also a big fan (of both of us).

  5. I just finished the first Wool and am amazed. Amazing story and voice. You’ve earned a loyal reader today thanks to me getting lucky and stumbling upon it on Amazon while I was tracking the shipment of my new mouse. I’m really glad my old mouse broke.

    Moral of my story is I can’t wait to read I, Zombie. Kudos to you.

    1. Thanks, Ted! Sorry to hear about your mouse, but really glad to have you as a reader. :D

  6. So…. just how does one apply to become a beta reader around these parts? I have a first born who is all yours! :D (It’s ok, really, we made a backup copy :D)

  7. LMAO @ Mr. Ection. Thanks for the laugh!

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