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If you were getting a SAND tattoo…?

Temporary SAND tattoos might soon be a thing. If you were getting a SAND tattoo, what would it say? Is there a line from the book you’d enjoy? Or maybe slogans from various dive clans? Something like: Go Deep or Go Home. Or: Don’t bother, I’ll bury myself.

Leave your ideas or favorite lines in the comments. If we use your suggestions, I’ll send you something cool. Some really awesome SAND stuff in the works that we’ll be able to announce soon.

35 replies to “If you were getting a SAND tattoo…?”

How about a tattoo with the word “Dancer” accompanied by a downward arrow.
I won’t tell you where to put it.

Sift Happens

There’s actually a story on this one, there is a small town in Colorado by the name of Silt, when I lived in that area, their town motto was “Silt Happens”

Boots with sand around them and sort of in little mounds on top of them. I’m picturing dark brown, very worn work boots with wires as the laces, but loosened, like someone just took them off, left them in the sand, and walked away.

As I was reading the end of the book, I envisioned a weathered- torn map that was peaking through a drift. Some semblance of lettering on it, with an arrow pointing downward. The wall and sun setting in the background, the map and drift in the foreground.

Vic diving into a sand dune. But I also like the “diver down” flag idea. That really is cool.

Anything rendered by Ben Adams.

But I like the dive flag-over Danvar.

I’ve been wanting a tattoo..

Either half buried scuba gear with “Sand” in the same script as the book cover floating above or a road sign in sand with “Danver 1 mile” and a arrow pointing down

The line on my upcoming Sand fan-fic is “The sand always gets you in the end.” That would make a good tattoo. Jason Gurley could design the lettering. ;-)

Speaking of the end, that’s what’s holding me up. Endings are hard. But I should have it out by September.

P.S. I assume there are folks sporting WOOL tattoos? I can’t wait for the WOOL conventions (SiloCons? WOOLgatherings?) and then the theme park…

Mine is in typical cut and paste fashion and on your facebook page. I think it is great, everyone would want this tattoo, maybe on the lower back. It includes nice scenery and places to get deals on dive suits

An image of a shovel that’s been modified into a cross (piece of wood lashed to it), with goggles hanging off the handle. A set of dive tanks could be leaning up against the shovel.

A picture of a run-down 2 story shack half buried in sand. Above it in big bold letters “Honey Hole” and below the picture “Dust off the spill and enjoy our thrills!”

an old aerosol can printed with the words Danvar Sand Block SPF 500m, with a partially legible caution about the dangers of sand… sand burn, coffining, sand freeze, panic, and death.

I’d probably do something with the half-submerged pocket watch from the cover of Michael Bunker’s first Dunes over Danvar… such a great image.

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