In the Sound Booth with Minnie Goode!

Guess what audiophiles? The WOOL Omnibus audiobook is complete! Actress and comedian Minnie Goode has rendered a beautiful recording of the entire series, and it should be available very soon. Here she is, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what was involved. Enjoy!

13 responses to “In the Sound Booth with Minnie Goode!”

  1. She is very good. Awesome actually. I am very excited for this to be released.

    Thank you so Minnie, should you read this comment.

  2. I’m planning on being very aggressive with the pricing for this audiobook. I’m not sure what I can get away with, but I’m hoping for under $10. I’d love to make it affordable, just like my e-books, and maybe cheap enough that people who have already read and enjoyed the story will be able to afford to have someone read it to them again.

    1. Hugh….no, $10 is too cheap. Why don’t you ask for feedback from everyone. I would pay at least twice that! She is totally awesome. I assumed it would be $30 or more. Like $29.32 or something.

      1. You can always donate more if you really love it!

        How about $12.99?

        1. If you’re talking for the whole Omnibus, I’d bring it up a little more. Lots of Audible users use credits, so as long as it is under a single credit, you’re in pretty good shape.

  3. I’m a big audiobook fan. I’m reading Wool now on Kindle but would definitely double dip for the audiobook if it’s reasonably priced. Thanks!

  4. That’s true. After I read WOOL Omnibus I donated $25 for your lunch (something other than peanut butter sandwich) and put a note to get Bella a treat as well. :-)

      1. Good. I Love you, Amber and Bella. And I love your works! Or should I say your awesome story telling.

  5. Hugh, I think you’re right on the money at $12.99. I don’t do the audiobook thing, but my wife does, and I’m excited at the thought of getting her hooked on WOOL with this audiobook. I’d pay more, but I think you will be in the sweet-spot at 12.99…. go for it!

  6. I believe $12.99 is spot-on if you are releasing it yourself. I am an Audible member and listen to a lot of audio books. Credits there only cost $15.

    I stopped reading my iBook version once I heard that an audio version is coming, so I’m eagerly awaiting for this to be for sale. How soon will it be here?

    1. I hope it goes live this week or next. I wired the funds to Minnie this morning. Once that clears, she can okay the book for publication. Audible makes sure the artist has their funds before putting the book up for sale.

      1. That’s awesome of Audible. I like when organizations find ways to ensure that people are protected.

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