It had to be you…

Of course. Of all the people I could have done this to, it would have to be Charla.


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  1. That is too cool. Had a smile on my face the whole time.

    1. So did I, as you can plainly see. :)

      1. Poor Charla, I hope the AC cooled you down quickly! I’ve never seen someone turn so many shades of red in such a short time. I also loved how you tried too lower your voice for the curse words… Too funny!

        1. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

          1. Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries Avatar
            Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries


            You are a pearl beyond price.

  2. More shenanigans, huh Hugh? In Portland today I noticed what appeared to be a Powell’s employee surreptitiously signing copies of your prominently displayed tomes. She said about 100 people showed up for the “appearance” a couple weeks ago.. so apparently your mark has some significance here. Tomorrow, I’m ordering another “Blue Room” cookie and coffee and putting it on your tab. (Got the HH imprint on a rubber stamp.. so, no worries.) Next, I’m eradicating the gray from my hair, acquiring massive botox injections, and claiming fraudulent identity at the local bars. Hopefully, I’ll convince several gullible female literary amorists that little, baby HHs must be propagated throughout the pacific northwest before the predicted apocalypse. Go on bud.. run some DNA tests. I dare ya. :-)

    1. Shame on you, William. lol

  3. Now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG!!! Thanks for the earworm. :D

    1. Hehe, It’s been running around in my head, too!

  4. Brighid O'Sullivan Avatar
    Brighid O’Sullivan

    I am in awe of your ingenuity at this video. As a writer myself, I take my hat off to you. I’ll tell you why. Not only is the video cute, funny and a great way to spread the word but I’ll tell you what else I like. I love your personal touch with your writer. I’ve written to several writers in the past. One told me she had no time for me, which I found rude and the second ignored my first email and the second one referred me to her secretary. I remember an old saying, “have to admire a man who answers his own phone.” lol. actually it shows warmth. I might even read the book some day. Love your style, Hugh!
    Warmly, Brighid O’Sullivan

  5. Brighid O'Sullivan Avatar
    Brighid O’Sullivan

    I meant to say your personal touch with your READER. lol

  6. It’s so awesome that you’re able to bring such joy to people, Hugh. Nicely done, sir. Keep it up!

  7. That was pretty awesome and hilarious of Hugh.

    And Charla seems like pretty much the happiest person alive. Must be fun to hang out with. Her joy is infectious.

    1. Charla RoCks. In fact, I like her more than Hugh! (Amber probably feels the same way.)

      1. hehe, yeah.

      2. LOL! Y’all are crazy! I love it! :D

  8. THIS. THIS! We saw the Hugh Howey we all wanted to see in Portland. Warm, self-deprecating to a fault and funny as Hell. You even called us ‘freaks’ for WANTING to meet you and read your books. :-)

    The humor shown in this book signing incident is PERFECT. If anybody watches that video and doesn’t smile or giggle, hand them a lily and ask them to lay down. They’re dead.

    Please, please, stay just like this, Hugh. It’s amazing and goodness knows, the world needs more humor. Dismiss the whiners and negative people and just. Be. You.

    A fan

    Mike (@Comkey)

    1. Well said, sir!! 100% dead on!!

  9. With very little to smile about recently, watching this video today was impossibly well-timed. I was smiling within 5 seconds and laughing out loud by the end. Charla, YOU are what’s good and right in this country (and world!). I don’t mean to make you turn any more red, but I have the feeling you have this effect on a lot of people, and not just the ones who have watched the video :)

    1. Thanks, Pete. Your comment brought tears to my eyes because regardless of the happy demeanor of the moments I shared here, sometimes I get down. Smiling now.

  10. It was really funny video. But I am crying. Because I will never get a signed book from Hugh Howey. I don’t live in America. I asked him if he shipped his books to Europe and I didn’t get any answer, so I understand that he doesn’t. So.. some gets a lot of signatures, some gets none. I cannot help but crying. Seriously. i’m not joking. But – who says that life is fair?

    1. I must have missed that email! I do ship to Europe.

      1. Really?! How can I order the WOOL from you? I tried to find out myself, went through the hole site and found nothing. Please, help!

        1. Email me at: hughhowey (at) gmail (dot) com.

    2. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! LOL — Send him your address! Go! Go! Go!

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