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Lightspeed Magazine

A Lightspeed Magazine subscriber got in touch today to let me know how much they loved “Deep Blood Kettle,” my contribution to this month’s issue. Lightspeed is the Hugo-nominated magazine edited by John Joseph Adams, who edited WASTELANDS (and many other works).

John and I met at Worldcon last year, but even before then, he emailed to let me know that he’d love for me to submit something to one of his anthologies or his magazine. I wrote DEEP BLOOD KETTLE back in November and sent it along to him. He loved it, and now it’s published!

This is the sort of story that I would have posted on my website years ago. Before John got in touch, I probably would have sent it to the Kindle Singles submission team. If it got rejected, maybe I would have self-published it with a few other stories for a buck. The fun thing about writing these days is that there are so many options and outlets.

Lightspeed Issue #35

11 replies to “Lightspeed Magazine”

Sold! Love short stories, and The Walk Up Nameless Ridge was beautifully done.

Also, Wastelands was a great collection. Hmm, methinks I need to dust off my analog copy for a re-read.

You SHOULD/MUST also make a printable version of this short story. I like to have books in my hand, not on my screen…!
I will NOT read it till you do that…!:=)

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