London Meet-Up – TODAY!

The London Meet-Up will be today (March 3rd) from 4:30 until 8:00 or so at the Old Crown Public House! This will be my last day in London (flying home on Monday), so please come see me off!

The Old Crown
33 New Oxford Street

13 responses to “London Meet-Up – TODAY!”

  1. Wish I could be there. I love the picture that your publisher made for you with the proof covers and the main cover. Beautiful.

  2. Any chance of coming a bit further north before going home Hugh. Say Manchester?

    1. I wish. They didn’t leave me any free time this trip. I hope to come back soon, though.

  3. Darn….I missed it! You are in my part of the World at the moment, would have gone to the Old Crown if I had checked your blog whilst you are in London….

    Apologies on behalf of the UK for the really horrible weather we are having….bet you wish you were in a nice, warm, dry silo instead!

  4. hmm.. I might just have to pop down to London to say hi! and meet a fellow nanoer.. so chuffed that your novel’s doing so well. It must be amazing to see it in the shops in another country. Enjoy sci-fi weekend.

    1. oops.. reread this.. assume this was last week.. drat! I was in London on 27th! hope it was good.

  5. struggling with your password.. if this comment gets through all I’m saying is have a good trip home and sorry I’m not in London draining your brain of editing tips..

  6. So gutted not to be there. My contract in London ended on Friday and I had to be out of my flat Sunday. Half was though Third Shift. It’s just not long enough !!! Good luck man, all the best. And enjoy some real beer ;-)

  7. Read the piece on Slate. Liked most of it, but do you, as the writer suggests, intend to leave your fans by the wayside?

      1. Thought not. You’ll just have to get use to people putting words in your mouth.

  8. […] MEET HUGH HOWEY: This Sunday, 3 March, in London at the Old Crown Public House, 33 New Oxford St, from 4:30-8:00 p.m. More details here. […]

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