Meet Holston. And Marnes. And Lukas. And Solo. And Jules.

7 responses to “Meet Holston. And Marnes. And Lukas. And Solo. And Jules.”

  1. This is HYSTERICAL!

  2. I sooooo love this guy! He’s a lunatic with style!

  3. haha, that’s what I needed after a long Monday!

  4. Holy Shit! That’s funny.

  5. He’s pretty good. Would be interesting to see what he could do for longer than 15 seconds.

  6. Eva Martinson Avatar
    Eva Martinson

    Tabor nailed it. It was totally hysterical. When he said “Tampa, Florida, still here,” I lost it. I’d love to see his rendition of “Khaaaaannnn!!!!”

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