Meeting Hugh Howey

No, I haven’t gotten celebrity-crazy and started referring to myself in third person. Tonight, I met Hugh Howey.

It feels weird to even write that. It was even weirder to endorse a book to him and then sign my name. I found out about Hugh several months ago. I believe he messaged me on Facebook to say that he was the real Hugh Howey. He had seen my name in relation to Wool (I think) and reached out to me. I inquired about his age. He said 34. The cries of “Imposter!” began immediately.

(I’m the real Hugh Howey, as it turns out).

In the middle of signing books tonight, the above gentleman in the blue shirt introduced himself as Hugh Howey. A lot of people introduce themselves to me. Rarely do they use my name. But I knew who this was, and so I leapt out of my chair immediately to hug my nemesis (Sun Tzo recommends this).

The people waiting in line got a kick out of the exchanges that followed. A lot of picture-taking; I signed his book; I had him sign one of my books to me; we all marveled at having worn identical outfits (down to the shoes); I pointed out several times that he was the larger and more handsome of the two of us (everyone in line agreed); and I encouraged him to use my fame in whatever way it best helps him, which probably means not at all.

Hugh Howey signed my book!

This was one of the more surreal and cooler experiences I’ve had on tour. Hugh Howey, you made my day. And that’s not a phrase that gets bandied about all too often.

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  1. Crazy! I feel like there should be a Radio Lab episode about this…

  2. That whole story is so funny and cute and amazing! Especially the matching outfits. You guys could not have planned that better if you tried! :)

  3. Your muscular arms are forming a “w” in that last picture. :)

  4. The two Hugh Howey’s! He was a really nice guy. You were too!

    Thanks for an awesome talk, for being so friendly and open and thanks for letting me hog question time.

  5. Fun! So crazy you both ended up wearing coordinated outfits. Are you sure you didn’t call each other up the night before to coordinate?

  6. […] In the line in front of me was another tall person, who was also called Hugh Howey. Watching the two meet was awesome, a very funny experience. The writer Hugh got the Aussie Hugh to sign a copy of Wool to him! Here’s the link to the blog that Hugh wrote about it. […]

  7. These are the kind of stories I absolutely LOVE!

  8. Joseph D'Agnese Avatar
    Joseph D’Agnese

    Great story. You might enjoy reading about my neighbor, Hugh Howie, who gets lot of emails intended for you!

  9. Very charming! Hugh Howey is a big galoot too!

  10. John in Hollywood Avatar
    John in Hollywood

    Hahha! That’s awesome! I love that you had him autograph a book for you!

  11. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
    Patrice Fitzgerald

    Send the groupies to him… Amber will thank you for that.

  12. susankayequinn Avatar

    The outfits slay me! What a crazy fun gig, this writing thing is, yes? :)

  13. Haha. I love it!

  14. Darn – I wish I hadn’t fled as soon as your talk finished (nothing personal, Mr Howey, just needed to get home). Two Hugh Howeys for the price of one. Fantastic! Thanks for being so generous with your time and with your Sharpie. I feel the start of a mission to collect more author signatures on my Kindle :)

  15. Scott Marmorstein Avatar
    Scott Marmorstein

    Fun! I hope it wasn’t too confusing for everyone. ;)

  16. Identical twins! Born to separate mothers at different places.

    No one can tell you apart — right? One of you got the looks and the other got all the brains. But you still look identical (remember that).

    He’s sure a handsomer devil.

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