New Author Photo for I, Zombie?

From reader Michael Anderson, the perfect headshot for my upcoming book, I, ZOMBIE:

From this:

8 responses to “New Author Photo for I, Zombie?”

  1. Molly’s undead brain-eating brother- Zombie Fyde

  2. Hey, you’re missing an ear. I’m guessing this was the ear that was sent to Jasper or another lucky winner?

  3. Nicole, you are absolutely spot on! That comment was absolutely the inspiration for the missing ear. Hugh had his ear bitten off by a raving fan… ;)

  4. Ha, that’s something you won’t see done by the portrait artists at Disney.

  5. Hey Nicole! Love your Jules!!! :)

  6. anderme: Haha, as soon as I saw the ear missing, I was like, “Clever!” And thanks for the compliment even if it was a little unexpected!

  7. Ok, hurry up and finish this book already and get back to Wool

  8. The longer that blue bar gets, the more excited I get! BRRRAAAINSSS!

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