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Open for Submissions: Part 1

Here’s the first part of this series. Like I warned before, this is not going to appeal to a wide swath of people. It’s an hour of talking about writing, which is only slightly more exciting than talking about talking.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in live. Sorry I didn’t get to all your comments as they were coming in. I realized pretty quickly that I could spend the entire time just talking with you all and answering your questions. We’ll do that some time in the future, I promise.

Here are links to the books I recommend in the video:

BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott
EATS, SHOOTS & LEAVES by Lynne Truss
ON WRITING by Stephen King

Books I love that inspire my own writing that I recommend as well:

THE HANDMAID’S TALE by Margaret Atwood

Submitted works mentioned in this video that you can’t read anywhere (yet):


A book by the submitting author that you can read if the tease of the above was too much to bear:


8 replies to “Open for Submissions: Part 1”

I’ll try to give some heads-up on the next one. Can’t guarantee it, though. Life is hectic, and the windows of opportunity catch me off-guard.

“Students with earbuds glued to their phones.” Hmm. Someone might need to give his copy of “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” a more careful read. (Hell, yes, I paused your YouTube screen scroll to read your story!)

OK, now I can’t forget the image of frustrated students trying to pry a bunch of damn earbuds off of their phone screens.

Hugh, you’re the best! Do more videos, please. A live Q&A would be grand.

(Also, I think you have to click something in YouTube so the live comments will post on the recorded video. And, if you know in advance that you will do a live edit or live Q&A at 3pm next Tuesday, you can post it early on YouTube and it will show up in subscriber video streams as a future live event.)

Nice way to give back Mr Howey. I’m wondering what advice you might give to a traditionally published writer who has signed on with an established small press? Marketing is largely left to authors. I’ve done trailers, FB ads, various campaigns but just not hitting the sweet spot just yet.

The focus of the reader’s perspective is so important. I think most writers read as writers and want to change/adapt/anticpate or do the work of the author. And you’re right, we can gain from reading as a skill to ‘see’ and experience those curious things we’re puzzling together. Thank you. Looking forward to the next.

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