Picture Book Update!

More of a tease than an update, I’m afraid. :) Nidhi Chanani just sent over the rough sketches for our children’s picture book collaboration, and I’m doing a happy dance in Berlin. So crazy to see this character come to life, just in her sketches. I really believe in this story, but I knew it would take some spectacular artwork to make the book shine, and Nidhi is exceeding expectations. You all are going to love this book. I can’t wait to show it to you.

5 responses to “Picture Book Update!”

  1. “I can’t wait to show it to you.”

    Well, then, don’t wait! Show it to us! Today. You’re breaking my heart, you teasel, you.

  2. I’m glad to hear the art is coming out so well. It’s always amazing to see your characters brought to life.

    Can’t wait to see the finish product.

  3. I’m looking forward to it. If it makes you feel any better, I’m waiting around on illustrations before I can reveal my own children’s book. Fortunately, I have other books to write while I wait, but it does make a writer itch not being able to share with readers:)

  4. Great to see you stretching out into various genres. Looking forward to seeing the project completed!

  5. I always love sharing the illustrations from my books. It seems to create a little buzz about the books. And in my case, that is very little buzz. But it is fun.

    And great now I have competition from Hugh Howey. :)

    Or maybe I can get on your also-boughts connections!

    Can’t wait to see it.

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