Portland, Here I Come!

Wow. Just — wow. I’ve had so many people ask why I’m not coming to Portland. Looking at my schedule, it seemed impossible. But I had a “travel day” this Saturday, and I asked my publicist if I could give that up and somehow squeeze in an event.

She made it happen! Powell’s is having me this Saturday, March 16th at 4PM at the downtown location! Unreal. I’m hoping for a good crowd to justify the juggling and the extra flight, so if you know anyone who lives in the area, tell them they need to come get a signed book for you and another for them. I have a feeling that this event could be huge, but only with everyone’s help!

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  1. Not cool! I won’t be able to come. Boo!

    Glad you can make it down here, I just wish it was a different day that I could make. I hope lots of people can make it on short notice.

    1. Don’t you have a bunch of friends you can badger into coming? School mates? Relatives? They are really entertaining events, I promise. Especially for people who haven’t read the book and don’t know me.

  2. Now how about you come to PA? I’d even settle for Baltimore at this point.

  3. Go to Salty’s near the airport for a meal… Best chowder on the planet. Looks out over the water, and is right at the airport.

  4. Wool Book Tour part 2 – Howey Takes Canada by Storm, Leaving Trail of DUST in His Wake

  5. Now THAT is exciting news. I was lamenting the fact that you wouldn’t be in Portland, and now my dreams have come true! WOOL was the first book I read on my new Kindle Fire last June, and I am thrilled to be able to see you here. Happy day!

    1. Bring as many people as you can! :)

  6. I think I can make that! I will try to bring my family and see if I can enlist a couple of local friends. I would love for my eldest (now 11 and with some literary promise) to shake your hand and get a copy of Molly Fyde signed. It goes without saying that I wish I could buy you some of the finest microbrew Portland has to offer, but I know you’ll have about 30 seconds and be on to the next adoring fan. If I’m wrong and CAN ply you with microbrew, please say so. ;-)

      1. My wife works at a different Powell’s location and won’t be off work til 6:00 (#$!+%?~√§), but if you do go out for brew after your gig we’d LOVE to catch up with you there (Wherever that happens to be).
        Please, oh please. Would it be possible for you to call and let us know if you do head out for an evening of local libation imbibing?


        Lonnie 503-313-2489

        Hugh Howey Must D… Drink, silly! :-)

        Yeah, I know it’s crazy putting my number on a public forum, but I’m desperate here!

      2. Update Update Update

        We won’t make it in time for the reading @ Powell’s, but we’ll be there before you leave the store. Soooo, if you do decide to “Slum” it in Pdx and get a brew or two, we’ll be ready to hoist ’em with you!


  7. williamjacques@gmail.com Avatar

    No worries.. if few show up it will be with it just to graze through Powell’s serpentine layers of tombs.

  8. If your publicist can work those kind of wonders, how about a trip to Berlin?
    I just finished the third shift and I CANT WAIT for more!!
    >>Your biggest fan in Germany!

    1. I was in Berlin three weeks ago! :)

      1. How could I have missed that, bummer!

  9. I can’t find any HC 1st/1st to buy for Portland… Can anybody help me?

    1. The Book Cellar in Chicago has them. They might overnight for you.

      1. I don’t suppose your team is bringing any?

  10. Wow! I’m so excited – I’ve been envious of all the cities in Germany you visited and was hoping you’d make it to Powell’s in Portland.
    LOVE your “Wool” series (got it gifted this last Christmas).
    I’m spreading the word so many people will come.

  11. Dang, it’s a 2-hour road trip for me, but I’m pretty tempted! Plus, Powell’s!
    Will spread the word to my PDX pals. It will go great, Hugh, no worries. :)

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