12 responses to “Proofs!”

  1. First person to beg for a copy on the FP!

  2. Lisa saying you are begging is not begging…. Please please please Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( would be begging) So, PLEASE, PLEASE, give me a copy Hugh!


  3. Yeah, Lisa deserves one… But other than that… was it just me or was the video off sync?

    But anywho… they still look awesome!

    1. Oh yeah, I have been meaning to ask, any news on a release date yet and will it be the same date for Australia and the UK? Do you know?

      1. Not just you – the video and audio are out of sync. But I could see the books just fine! Awesome!

  4. Ser Antthony Cross Avatar
    Ser Antthony Cross

    :B I will be more than happy to take one of those copies off your hands.

  5. Oh man those look amazing. I really hope you do a contest to give one copy away. Ill be keeping my eyes peeled.

    Congratulations on all of your success Hugh! Its been amazing to watch it all as it happens.

  6. Lori Dunn Castello Avatar
    Lori Dunn Castello

    I’m still drooling! ;)
    Your joy over opening those boxes was a pleasure to see. Thank you for sharing with us. Being able to peek into this journey you’re on gives me a great deal of happiness and inspiration.
    Keep enjoying it, my friend.
    BTW, there will be a brief mention of you on my blog Monday. My writing partner won’t let me do a full post about you and Wool quite yet. She says my author man crush makes me too bubbly! (Imagine that!)

  7. I’d be happy to send one or two of my kids down there to clean your kitchen or walk your dog and I wouldn’t complain if you sent me one of those proof’s, although my kids might complain.

  8. Congratulations!
    Still smiling after watching the books being born out of the virtual world of cyberspace into the physical world. I thought that I would not be buying any more books since I got my iPad kindle but I’ll be (im)patiently waiting to put the Wool omnibus edition on my bookshelf…. someday.
    Take care.

  9. […] release of WOOL in the UK and Australia. They are putting a lot of muscle behind the release with awesome proof copies and a killer book trailer. In addition to the UK deal, we have 15 or so other foreign book deals […]

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