Ruth Francisco’s Kindle Primer

Alas, where was Ruth Francisco and her fantastic Kindle Primer back in 2009 when I needed her? Well, it’s still helpful to me four years later, and it’s an unbelievable resource for any author starting out with self-publishing on KDP.

I get emails all the time asking how best to get started. My new response is going to be a link to this thread over at KBoards. Be sure to leave a comment thanking Ruth (it’ll bump the thread up and keep it visible, which it deserves to be). And check out her author page on Amazon. If you ask me, she deserves some kind of medal.

3 responses to “Ruth Francisco’s Kindle Primer”

  1. Thanks for highlighting this… I’ve learned so much since starting self-pubbing (July 2011… feels so long ago) that I’d also like to pass on to other folks. Plus, of course, it keeps evolving!

  2. Bookmarked this page.

    Maintaining a review site for indie authors, understanding these kinds of tips is actually pretty relevant for me.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for linking to this, Hugh! I’ll definitely be bookmarking her post.

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