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I thought I should post this here for the mad collectors among you. Goldsboro Books has just announced a signed, numbered limited edition run of slipcase hardbacks for SHIFT (500 copies). I get emails asking about the WOOL limited edition they did, which sold out all 500 copies in 2 days. I hate that anyone gets left out of these things, so I’m announcing this as soon as I heard about it for those of you who check in here all the time.

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  1. Is there going to be a US hardback release for SHIFT or is this my shot at a hardback? Thanks!

  2. Hugh, I’m soooo glad for your sake! I think, it’s a triumph. I placed some links to your books in my Facebook profile. You deserve to be famous.

    BTW, you know me on the Goodreads – I’m in your friends list as Ludovika Fjortende. It’s me who said “My English isn¨t my native and not even my second language”.

  3. Thanks for that. Just bought my copy. Trying to track down a limited of Wool now.

  4. Hi Hugh, congratulations on all your success. I’m a huge fan of the Wool series and take every opportunity to let everyone know about. You’re probably sick of hearing about the issues with distribution of your ebooks outside of the US (I’m in Australia) but I felt the need to vent!

    So, I’ve purchased First and Second Shift from Amazon for $5.33 and $4.19 respectively. Using Google’s cache I can see that the US price is $3.99. Fair enough though it’s not the first thing to attract the “Australia tax”.

    Looking to purchase Third Shift I had the choice of pre-order from Amazon for $5.33 or checking Google Play they had it listed for $3.99 (in fact all parts are $3.99) and actually listed as available not as a pre-order. This was yesterday. Not being in any rush (still haven’t finished First Shift) I left it.

    I also noticed that I could pre-order Shift from Amazon for $9.99 or from Google Play for about $12-13. Baffling!

    Cut to right now…Amazon is still the same. However Google Play is very different. The pre-order for Shift is no longer available. Third Shift is now listed as a pre-order AND costs $10.99 not $3.99!

    If I had to do some assuming, it would be this: Third Shift on Google Play is now actually the Shift pre-order even though it still has the title, description and page count of being just Third Shift. I could be wrong though given the pre-order date is March 1st, which is closer to the Amazon pre-order of Third Shift (Feb 28th) instead of the Amazon pre-order of Shift (Apr 25th).

    I understand this is out of your control but surely you have some means to slap some sense…I mean kindly suggest to the publishers they dont make things so confusing and annoying for the paying customer.

    In the end I decided to pre-order Shift from Amazon before it disappears into the Down Deep too and will hold off on Third Shift to see if the mess on Google Play gets sorted out.

    If you make it this far, I apologies for the long post. I know you are a busy man at the moment but I just thought I’d bring this to your attention. Congratulations once again and I cant wait for Dust.


    1. Hmm. Weird. I’ll inquire! Thanks, man.

  5. Thanks for the info, I’m in Charleston,S.C. My birthday is March 25, If you check your schedule I believe you might be in my area around then. This is not a threat,but If for any reason you decide to cancel or postpone your visit, I have a first generation Roomba that could have your name all over it.
    I’ve got a first edition Omnibus that will hopefully be signed soon. Thanks Hugh, keepem coming,
    Flip Souders

    1. Sweet! See you there, I hope!

  6. Thank you! I just bought my copy. I missed out on the limited Wool so I couldn’t be more excited to actually get my hands on this one.

  7. Already out of stock, 39 minutes after you posted on Facebook!

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