I’m not kidding — Amber thought I was going to die. If you’ve read WOOL, you might get a kick out of this. Absolutely hilarious, wrong, irreverent, disgusting at times, and spot-on as a parody.

Now the guessing game begins: Who the hell wrote this?!

Get it here for a buck.

14 responses to “SILK!”

  1. Kilgore Trout?

  2. Loving it! Thanks for letting us know… truly hilarious.

  3. Thx for finding this Hugh. Whoever wrote this has a twisted sense of humor and did a spot on parody, good laughs for sure and worth every penny!

  4. You know those watershed moments when you realize…damn, I could have written that!

    But then you realize you didn’t write it. Because you couldn’t have written it. Even though for a moment you thought you could have, maybe should have.

    Anyways…Howey Hugh is pretty funny. Say…speaking of mirror images and parodies, is Howey Hugh kinda like Bizarro Superman to you?

  5. Very funny – I had to check it out.

    I was wondering if it was one of the other Hugh Howeys that you mentioned awhile back – finally fed up with all the incorrect fan mail he was getting…

  6. Niels Pedersen Avatar
    Niels Pedersen

    Someone has to know. Ask I.T. To track it.

  7. Hilarious. Loved it.

    I think David Adams would have owned up to this from the door.

    Hugh himself wrote it?

  8. If Hugh did write it himself, that would explain why he can’t seem to get Dust over the finish line. Just saying. :) Hugh, stop writing parodies of your own work and finish Dust!

  9. Not available on the store. Annoying. Anyone wanna send me a copy, and I’ll send you a buck to buy another copy?

  10. Loved it! I think it was written by someone who loved Wool.

  11. Loved it.

    Favourite part was the joke about the ancient war between Self Published Authors and “Real” Authors.

    Howie Hughs is one funny guy/girl.

  12. Where can I find a copy of it? All of the Amazon links go to “401 – I have no clue what you’re talking about” web pages.

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