Sitting like no man has sat before.

From Kotaku via a Facebook friend. Don’t know why, but this really got me cracking up this morning. How did I never notice this? And how does everyone keep a straight face?

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  1. I recently learned that “Grow a beard” is the now the opposite of “Jump the shark” thanks to The Next Generation getting significantly better after Jonathan Frakes grew a beard. Weird eh?

    1. What a cool factoid to learn as I find myself growing my first ever beard! (Through lack of shaving, not planning, mind you).

      1. Joseph D. Stirling Avatar
        Joseph D. Stirling

        “Nuking the fridge” has replaced “jumping the shark” though- ever since that Indiana Jones debacle…

        1. “Nuke the fridge” is for film
          “Jump the shark” is for TV

          I’m not sure if there is a term for books yet. Perhaps something from Xanth, Wheel of Time, or Battlefield Earth could be used. Dune has been droning on for a while, maybe there is something there.

          1. Oh, BTW –
            I’ve also heard the term “Gone Jar Jar” used for films as well.

          2. What was “Nuke the fridge?” I missed that film.

          3. Indiana jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

          4. Hugh – In the film, Indy finds himself in a nuclear test range just as the bomb goes off. He’s in a model home which, I would guess, is there to show the effects of an A-bomb on that type of structure. He opens the fridge, and lo and behold it’s lead-lined! So he removes the shelving and gets inside. He survives, despite the fridge being launched by the blast, and tumbling end over end at high velocity. There’s probably a clip of it on youtube.

  2. This used to drive me crazy!

  3. Starfleet was so upset that they kept pulling out the big chair for Riker, but “he just wouldn’t sit down”. I see now that it was because the Captain’s chair did not allow his particular brand of chair sitting….

  4. Will Swardstrom Avatar
    Will Swardstrom

    This is hilarious! As I watched it, I can understand not really noticing it because many times the focus was on the other characters, but spliced together, this is great.

  5. Love it. Except now I will end up watching TNG for weeks again when ever I have a free moment. A TNG clip can not just be shared at random, there must be a balance in the universe and TNG tips the balance to slacking and doing less work whilst I be entertained.

    1. Exactly. I’ll actually be forcing my siblings to watch The Final Frontier in preparation for into darkness, and then the TNG films will get their turn the day after tomorrow! :D

  6. This is how tall people sit down in short backed chairs. It’s just much easier. Also, it’s a great way to mildly flaunt our superior stature.

  7. What a riot! How do other officers sit down? I wonder if the chairs are riveted to the floor like at a fast food joint….?

  8. Early on, they clearly tried to make Riker be the “Kirk” or “Starbuck” of the series — the “man of action” to balance out Picard’s tea-sipping armchair general — and I suppose this weird way of sitting down was part of Frakes trying to show some swagger. (Also, his tendency to walk like he was trying to knock down an invisible wall with his head.)

    But Frakes was miscast if they wanted a cowboy, and the character got much, much better when they let him just do it his own way. (And that allowed Picard to be more action-oriented as well, which was another huge improvement.) And yes, the beard coincided with this character shift. :)

  9. So does Frakes have a bad back or something? He does have a funny way of walking, too.

  10. This is my favorite thing ever today. :)

  11. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
    Patrice Fitzgerald

    This is amazing. I’m surprised he can still reproduce.

  12. Pedro E. Matos Avatar
    Pedro E. Matos

    Lol Straddling the chair. Oh Will.

    Looking forward to Star Trek: Into Darkness.

  13. it’s Riker’s way of confidently relieving his bowels of pesky aerosolized microbe-byproduct. Notice his stance freeze-framed by the clip. Someone needs to insert strategically placed tuba-glissandos into this video…

  14. That’s the reverse Kirk Cameron! It’s unprecedented!

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