Some Brilliant Fan Fiction

No, this isn’t 50 Strands of Wool or anything like that. It’s more absolute brilliance from author David Adams. If you enjoyed WOOL, you’ll love this.

Keep in mind that David lives in Australia. This is his foretelling of events from when the film releases in Sydney:

You have to read the entire story. It’s right here.

And support David’s brilliant craft by purchasing a copy of Lacuna. The sequel is due out this week, I believe. The dude is mad-talented, I tell ya.

5 responses to “Some Brilliant Fan Fiction”

  1. LOL David is a hoot! I purchased Lacuna last week and will look for the sequel.

  2. i got lacuna for free a couple of days ago. there are still about 7 other books in my to read queue, but now that i see that it has nudity and sexual content it might be pushed to the top position.

  3. one word. EPIC!

  4. I purchased Lacuna solely based on the creativity of these crazy stunts!

  5. Okay not gonna lie, the 50 Strands of Wool thing made me laugh out loud for real.

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