Spring Cleaning!*

I’ve got a new website in the works, and I’m so excited about it that I had a dream last night that it was already live. It was so vivid that I had to check first thing this morning to see if it had already gone up. Instead, I found an email from Tim Grahl with an update on the site design. I love what they are coming up with.

Tim approached me as a fan a while back and asked if there was anything his company Out:think Group could do to give me a boost. I explained my biggest challenges these days, and he laughed at how Cro-Magnon my workflow was. While discussing plans, he suggested some website tweaks. And then he and his design team came up with a way to further your ability to interact with the site.

It’s sad that I have to immediately address the cynics, but the last time we ran a fan art contest and gave away an iPad, someone on Twitter accused us of taking advantage or artists. As if the fan art was going to be used for cover art. It just goes to show how some will see the worst in all possible things. This isn’t about creating content for me; it’s about celebrating the talent of others. I enjoy promoting writers and artists and ask for nothing in return, just the knowledge that they are raising their profiles, seeing something published and enjoyed, or making a buck. Simple as that. And impossible for some to believe, it seems. *shrugs*

Here’s a video from Tim explaining the design:

I’m accepting submissions through May 3rd. After that we’ll go through them and pick a few of our favorites and put the vote to you. Ask any questions in the comments and either Tim or I will jump in and answer them. I’ll also do whatever I can to write up or promote the person whose design goes up. To get started:

First, click here to download the template.

Once you’re ready, click here to submit your design.

Looking forward to what you come up with!

*An ironic title for this post, considering it’s Fall here in New Zealand

13 responses to “Spring Cleaning!*”

  1. Are you wanting a certain theme or book represented here?

    1. Hey Justin, no it’s completely open ended. It could be centric on one of Hugh’s books or something completely unique. Do whatever feels right to you.

      Also, if you have a couple ideas, feel free to submit multiple times.


    2. It can advertise your book or art or music. If it looks great, we might use it.

      1. Thanks fellas.

  2. We still call it Autumn here… Not fall… XD

    1. But anywho… awesome idea!!!
      May just take a crack at this one…

  3. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
    Patrice Fitzgerald

    Hugh, if anyone really questions whether you are that generous, please send them to me. I will attest to the fact that you freely gave permission for me (and anyone!) to write and publish–and charge for–stories based on your WOOL works. My short story has already sold 2,000 copies in the first month, and by next week I’ll have a second one up. I’m working on the third installment now. What a hoot to get a chance to let my characters play in your Silo!

    Frankly, the fun of writing is even more inspiring than the fact that this ebook is starting to earn some money… even with its 99¢ price tag. And rather than feeling that you are taking advantage of others, I worry that we’re taking advantage of you!

    (Of course, I know this is simply a plot for you to establish world domination. But I’m okay with that.)

    Patrice Fitzgerald,
    author of “The Sky Used to be Blue,” Part 1 of the Karma series

  4. This is sooooo exciting! “Fan”tastic idea!

  5. Ignore the haters! Really, I’m not sure the folks complaining about this or the ***** from Canada deserve a response.

    1. Not sure what problem you have with Canadians! This is one, sitting in her hotel room in Paris, who cannot put WOOL down long enough to visit her neighbourhood cafe for a longed for glass of Vin rouge!

  6. Excited about the new website. When is that interactive baby due?;

    Wondering what a Cro-Magnon workflow looks like naked, and how I’d kill it if it snuck up behind me with a club soda;

    And thinking: The contest is a great idea. There will always be people who want to poop on your parade; the longer it gets, the sturdier your umbrella will need to be. Even if you DID want to use the winner’s art for a book cover… what great exposure that would be! I’d jump at the chance — if I had time out from writing and drawing my own wacky world view.

    (Besides, this drawing of the Cro-Magnon workflow will take a while. There’s so much hair, there…)

  7. As the actual winner of the artwork competition nothing would please me more than for the design to be used as a cover.

    I don’t feel “used” in any way at all, in actual fact it’s the opposite. Before it i’d never tried my hand at creating any artwork, the story inspired me and the competition gave me a reason to make something. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a new skillset along the way so thank you Hugh.

    I’ll definitely be submitting a website design.

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