Hugh Howey

Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Book Launch 2.0

I laughed so hard… I started crying. Okay, I admit it. I never laughed.

Approaching limits, and not asymptotically.

There’s a lot of satisfaction in studying Molly Fyde. The more I read about her, her companions, and their exploits… the better I feel I know them. Every fact, diary entry, battle report, psychological review, transcribed log, map, photograph and schematic snaps perfectly together, gradually revealing a vista that is breathtaking in parts, heartbreaking in others, and inspirational all over. I’m taking a fractured reality and making it a perfect whole again. As I study up on how best to present the fruits of my labors, I experience a different…

Thinking Outside the Book-Shaped Box

I sure hope Twitter is still around in the 25th century. What an amazing tool for discovering gems on the Internet you couldn’t hope to stumble onto otherwise (sorry, stumbleupon). I received a tweet from Nadene Carter, a lifetime book-lover that now runs a small publishing house. Checking out her blog, I see a recent post on how to help your publisher market your book in the 21st century (It’s so jarring when I write the current date after spending so much time researching Molly). Here’s the blog entry. Out…