Thank you, Taiwan!

In twelve hours, I begin the 25-hour series of flights that will return me to my timezone. Taiwan, you will be missed. I’ve never felt so sad to leave a book tour stop. I feel like I’m supposed to stay here for a month or two and write a novel. I hope to be back soon.

At one of my book events, a member of the audience asked what the Taiwanese reader meant to me. My answer came without hesitation: For all the success I’ve had in so many markets, the readers of Taiwan made my book #1 in theirs. Now they are #1 to me. The warm reception and the many gifts will not be forgotten. Thank you.

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  1. That’s beautiful and rings true. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time!

    Is it sinking in that it’s real?

    Your writing captivates so many of us. Accept it. Hug it. Call it George.

    Have a safe trip!

  2. What kind of Chinese food did you eat, anything weird? Was there a squat toilet? I’d be pretty surprised if there was. What were some of the better or more interesting gifts you received?

    Just curious.

    1. Haha, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a squat toilet. Although it might not be true in Taiwan, even at the fanciest western style places here in China you usually find the option of both styles of toilet. A lot of people prefer the squat for public bathrooms. I have come to also. You don’t have to touch anything that isn’t yours with a squat. Also squat is easier than hover. :)

      Hugh, I’m really happy you had a good time. I hope you loved the food, and I’m sure you were treated to at least one banquet. Come hang out in China next, and write a novel while you are here. Endless inspiration.

  3. Lovely to meet you in Taiwan, of all places. It felt great knowing you were staying just down the street from us, and your DUST launch was one of the highlights of the year for me thus far. If you know of anyone who posted your responses to youtube, please share the link. Some of your answers blew me away, especially where you talked about how people will always demand that the world become a better place. Glad you enjoyed it in Taiwan, there’s a reason I’m here writing, and it seems you tapped into the wonderful creativity that exists on this isle Formosa–beautiful island. Come back soon.

  4. Hi Hugh

    Regarding your recent post “I suck at Writing”

    I’m wondering would you consider taking it one step further and holding a one day / weekend seminar on the business side of self publishing? I try to read your post every day, when I’m not seeing patients, spending time with my wife and special needs daughter, acting as director for our new foundation, helping two teenage kids through University etc etc etc etc etc etc … oh and writing. I published my first novel in 2010 in partnership with Guinness NZ (gave you a copy of “The Christening” when you visited NZ) I’m on my second book and plan to finish end May. The simple truth is I don’t know where to start when it comes to getting it all out to the big world.

    I was considering travelling to the states to attend a Robert McKee seminar on Story. I think it would be awesome, but I’d happily / prefer to travel to the Arctic or the middle of the Sahara Dessert to get the chance to pick your brain … maybe talk about sailing around the world in between.

    I don’t care what you charge. If you don’t want to do it for the money, then do it for a donation to your favourite charity?


    Thanks for your consideration


  5. Used to live in Taipei, one of my favorite countries on Earth. Do you think that Wool resonates there so powerfully because of the delicate geopolitical situation Taiwan is constantly wrestling with?

  6. How wonderful that you had a book tour stop in Taiwan! That is fantastic!

  7. I was born in Taipei. Although, i’ve never gone back, I would really like to.

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