The Art and Wit of Mike Burton

If you’ve read WOOL recently, you are probably in dire need of a good laugh. Leave it to Mike Burton to provide a bit of levity to this subterranean and claustrophobic world.

I just saw these cartoons for the first time today. I asked Mike if I could share them on the blog, and when I messaged him I noticed he had already messaged me to see if I minded that he was selling prints. He assured me he was selling them at cost. I begged him to up the percentages a bit so he could get paid before I ordered my prints. Done and done. The postcards and prints are all extremely affordable, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Mike G. Burton Foundation er . . . wallet. Check them out here.

Another of his cartoons after the break! (And I hear he might have ideas for others).


10 responses to “The Art and Wit of Mike Burton”

  1. I ordered mine!

  2. Ordered mine…. the slinky makes me laugh every time I see it. Ordered two of those. One is going in my office to tease my fellow woolites at work

  3. Stephen Wills Avatar

    You mean you didn’t immediately demand royalties? Why aren’t you such a jerk!

  4. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
    Patrice Fitzgerald

    Awesome! Thanks, Hugh, for clueing us into these!

  5. That slinky one is brilliant. You kind of forget the silos have no idea what things like slinky’s are.

  6. Please forgive me for being dim but I first came across your book “Shift” in a bookstore in Melbourne a couple of weeks back and was going to buy it after reading a part of the first chapter, which I really liked but didn’t have time/money/baggage space.

    I was looking out for it elsewhere in airport bookstores. When I was in Sydney Airport, I saw Wool and Shift next to each other. So, I started reading the back of Wool and thought, “Hang on, this sounds like Shift”.

    I worked it out eventually up to a point, that Shift is in at least parts a prequel to Wool (I think). Going to Wikipedia confused me a bit further as there seemed to be several stories in a series called “Wool” and several more stories in a series called “Shift”.

    However, I’m thinking here in Australia, I should just buy the books Wool and Shift and read Wool before Shift (am I correct that both books sold here are omnibus collections of the separate stories?)

    Anyway, just wanted to check in case I’ve managed to get it wrong (which does happen a lot) because I really do want to get things in the right order. Thanks!

    1. Hey Shan, it is a bit confusing. WOOL came out first and should be read first. Both books collect several stories that were released individually.


      1. Thanks for the reply. That helps clear everything up. I’m going to Sydney Airport again tomorrow and I’ll be going past the same bookstore. I’m going to buy the books we have on sale here in Australia which are “Wool” and “Shift”, read “Wool” first, then “Shift” and then that should bring me up to speed with what’s currently available, I hope.

  7. I loved Wool and Shift. I rated both 5 star on Goodreads and I need to head over to Amazon and do the same. I actually bought the kindle version of both and loved them so much I bought Wool in paperback and will be buying Shift when it comes out as well. I am chomping at the bit for Dust to come out, I am happy to see you are 73% of the way done!

  8. LOL I love the sheep one!! That’s priceless! I’m going to print that out and put it on my office wall.

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