The Art of Ben Adams

The set of limited edition Ben Adams prints is nearly complete! He just got the Lukas prints in, and these might be the most gorgeous of the bunch. So many fine details in both the art and the story-related additions.

You can order the print here. Each set is limited to 50 prints!

Ben keeps every penny of this money. You are supporting a talented and hardworking artist, and you’re getting a signed and numbered limited edition print for a measly $20 + shipping. You can’t beat that.

He also has a few of the last two prints as well. These look great hanging on my wall. Think of them as collectibles!

5 responses to “The Art of Ben Adams”

  1. Mr. Howey,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying Wool. Ever since amazon suggested Wool to me when it first came out, I have been hooked. I couldn’t put Second Shift down. In fact, I think I woke my peacefully sleeping husband a couple times when I exclaimed things like holy crap! Please know that I am a hardworking nurse that cares for patients with strokes and brain injuries and sometimes my work can be pretty heavy. Thank you for all of your wonderful books. I look forward to losing myself in the worlds of your characters…such great breaks from reality.

    Your fan,


  2. Just got my Lukas print in the mail today! Yay!

  3. You said nearly complete. Do you know what the last print will be?

    1. There’s a vote going on somewhere. I think Bernard was winning. I’m rooting for Solo. :)

      Though, really, Walker might be the best. I’d love to see his workshop in the background.

      1. Phenolic, there’s a vote one the Facebook Silo page, be great to get your input!


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